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    The S3 is going!

    After only 7 weeks I have decided to sell the S3. Nothing wrong with the car but having had a shake up at work and got rid of a couple of people who werent doing me any favours I have decided to spend more time out round sites and the S3 is just not suitable for riding round construction sites...
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    Today's the day!

    Well this day seems to have taken an age to arrive, I have had to wait 11 wweks for the car to arrive but late last week my new S3 Sportback finally landed at an Audi garage near me as they say. I am really looking forward to the change having had BMW's for the last 8 years and whilst on paper...
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    MTM wheel help

    OK I cant work out how to attach photos so here is a link, if some one else can help please do so. Are these MTM wheels using a spacer or is this where this rim would fit as standard...
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    Magnetic ride

    Ok thinking of adding this to the order for new car. Who has it or any experience with it and is it any good either on the road or track? Can you still fit lowering springs with magnetic ride?
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    BBS CH 19 x 8.5 et 35

    Hi I have just ordered a new S3 and would like to get the wheels ordered for it. I want to use CH's 19 x8.5 et35, according to BBS they fit, they even have TUV approval for the wheel, however, I have searched and it looks like this fitment could be tight! If my maths is right I think the...