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    Vehicle light malfunction??? Please help!! Video inside.

    Hey Eigdoog, have you got this issue sorted yet? We seem to have a pretty much identical problem (although my A4 is a B6). I had an issue with my A4 constantly throwing up a warning for the left rear fog light... which is weird, because its a RHD car and only has a right rear fog light. So my...
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    Massive Electrical Issues

    Again, not that I can feel. As typical the electrics have been absolutely fine today and, less than 12 hours before its due to go the specialists, it still is! Not even a flicker from any of the lights, nothing. Hopefully, fingers crossed, that is a sign that nothing is permanently damaged (like...
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    Massive Electrical Issues

    Not that I can feel.
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    Massive Electrical Issues

    Hey guys Been a while since I posted on here but I need some advice. Booked my A4 into an independent specialist on Friday because a (very) occasional electrical problem has now transitioned to a pretty much permanent electrical problem. Currently not working: Indicators/Hazards Exterior...
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    Corrosion claim accepted

    I've got bubbling next to the roof channels on my A4 (sorry, I know this is a Cab thread but its pertinent to my question I guess) but the car is a 53 plate. Am I best of getting in touch with a dealer now as I'm still within the 12 year period? (but only just!)
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    Yet another photoshop request!

    I had a look a bash at doing the photoshop but I started with the wheels... Trying to give such a complicated shape a gloss sheen, along with all the reflections a gloss finish would have, is ****** hard... needless to say, I gave up!! LOL
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    Do dreams freak you out?

    LOL. I know dreams can have a lot of hidden symbolism and objects/places can have different meanings but I'm inclined to believe something is getting lost in translation here... A Tesco Express is not a train (as in "The Midnight Express") but a small version of a Tesco (or "Fresh & Easy" as...
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    New A3 Saloon for 2012

    I've seen loads of them round my way (admittedly of the previous version), and a there's also a few retractable hardtops round here too! I've also seen a couple of estates and saloons versions of cars that I never even knew they did saloon and estate versions of! Then again, where I live...
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    Boot opens on its own?

    :lmfao: I sincerely apologise for having nothing constructive to contribute to this discussion but the thought of someone going all Basil Fawlty because of their boot lid really made me chuckle! Sorry :blush:
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    2012 & Avatar

    You don't need to guess if you've ever seen Disney's Pocahontas...
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    On screen display (weird)

    Not as far as I'm aware. It seems to just repeat the two hour warning every, erm, two hours :laugh:
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    Who knew Steven Seagal was a cop?

    Are there no lows that TV will not sink to? How long before he dons a leather coat and shoehorns the fact that he's part Cherokee Indian all while speaking so slowly it will induce a coma in any "crim" he encounters?
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    On screen display (weird)

    @Prawn: I thought my car had done similar in the past but didn't post it because I thought that maybe I'd lost track of the time or something! :laugh:
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    On screen display (weird)

    Sorry to be bit of a pedant but, rather than being a warning that you have been driving for two hours continuously, its actually more like a warning that your ignition has been on for two hours as it will flash up if the vehicle is moving or not. However, as noted above, it is supposed to do that.
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    Idiot prefacelift S3 driver in Sheffield

    Absolutely, I couldn't agree more. I said something to that effect in another thread however it wasn't nearly as concise and well put as that.
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    Lowering mistake!

    I did... Click HERE for the image from which the arches were taken.
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    Trip computer that talks rubbish

    Mine has started doing this, I've ran out of diesel twice even though the range said I had "plenty". It happened once when I was getting 4 new tyres, boy did the fitters rip the p**s out of me for that... especially when I took the missus car for some tyres the next day too ("You sure you got...
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    Wheel Photoshop (pretty please!)

    And #19 is the best one too! :whistle2: