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  1. karl7900

    AC DC - Black Ice

    Love this album. Usually listen to this on my iPod whilst walking the dog so she ends up getting dragged along as I walk in time to the beat :rock:
  2. karl7900

    The Killers live

    I seen the Killers in Belfast last Saturday night and they were brilliant. Put on a really good show and good sound too. Going to see Snow Patrol soon too :yahoo:
  3. karl7900

    Macbook with windows

    Can't comment on how bootcamp etc works because I like to steer clear of anything windows based. Just my personal preferance though. The touchpad can be configured on the Macbook through system preferences so that one tap with one finger will select an item. Two taps with one finger will...
  4. karl7900

    New pics added to my site - Scotland + more

    Excellent shots as always Drew :icon_thumright:. Love this one of Loch Eil.
  5. karl7900

    Microsoft does it again

    No, I'll agree it's not the easiest to read and I did have to study it for a few minutes. And the "I" could possibly be a "1". I've seen similar security measures on other applications before, but not as garbled as that.
  6. karl7900

    Microsoft does it again

    3UMIWUTYG Easy peasy.
  7. karl7900

    Driving along country lanes...

    Good point well made. I should have mentioned that bit.
  8. karl7900

    New Bodyshop in town!

    Five year old with a spatula could do better.
  9. karl7900

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  10. karl7900

    Spam . . .

    Err, ******** me thinks. I started a thread in the Site Suggestions/Forum Helpline section. Here I then mentioned it jokingly in a pm about something else and you, Olly said you would sort it out. Thats hardly begging, now is it? Sorry...
  11. karl7900

    Driving along country lanes...

    Keep an eye out for them giving a quick flash of their left hand indicator too. This is a signal that the road ahead is clear and it's safe to overtake.
  12. karl7900

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  13. karl7900

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  14. karl7900

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  15. karl7900

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  16. karl7900

    Important DIY leson learnt

    Whats the screw holding in or on?
  17. karl7900

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  18. karl7900

    Important DIY leson learnt

    Just use the claw hammer to pull the screw out.
  19. karl7900

    700 bhp RS6

    Sweet! :racer: