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    8P Reflections.....Lets see yours!

    The day before i did - Snow foam, Megs Gold Class shampoo, Zaino Z6 detailer. Next day at the show i used Smart Wax Waterless Wash detailer which also contains Carnauba Wax and acts as a quick sealant too. This was the outcome!
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    Split grille removal? Want to spray/wrap surround in black...

    Hi everyone I know there's a way of getting the split grille surround off without removing the bumper but i don't know how to! I read somewhere once you have to undo some clips from the back inside the engine bay and unclip the whole grille out? Problem is, i can't really stick my hand in...
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    How to remove adjuster wheel knob on seat?

    Oh really? I've tried giving it a tug by hand but it's solid! Don't want to break something that's all lol. Thanks matey, will have to prize off with something tonight!
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    How to remove adjuster wheel knob on seat?

    Hi people How do you remove the adjuster wheel knob on the side of the seat? I need to remove mine as 1 of my new seats is missing this so i would like to put it onto my new seats. Thanks! AJ
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    18x8.5 ET 35 wheels can fit?

    I ran 215/35's on my Rotiform NUE's which were 8.5" wide. Never had any rubbing until i put 5mm spacers on the rear.
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    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    My car on temporary genuine S3 wheels for the last couple of shows........
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    Standard 17" sport wheels fit over big brakes?

    Thanks Dave. Yeah it's the 345mm S3 setup i'm looking at, as long as it fits under the 17" wheel then it's all good :)
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    Standard 17" sport wheels fit over big brakes?

    Hi guys Can't seem to find an exact answer for this. Will my standard 17" sport wheels fit over the 8P S3 brakes? Any spacers required or straight fit? I have a friend who might sell me his so just having a thought ;) Pic of my car is in my sig below..... Thanks peeps AJ
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    The "Rimz" Thread ** Look here before requesting pics of specific wheels**

    My friend has Porsche Turbo Twists on his A3, i'll put a pic in here after work tonight.
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    Custom Interior Mods, have you done anything a bit special and can you help?

    I have a flat bottom steering wheel with a custom centre piece made by the Westside VW crew. There's only 2 of us with this steering wheel. ;) Will need to get pics soon when fitted!
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    Another STOLEN A3 black edition - Leeds

    Definitely a good unit to go for, i've actually helped a couple people here on ASN to go ahead and get the Tracker Locate. You won't be dissapointed! Need any more info just PM me :) AJ
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    Another STOLEN A3 black edition - Leeds

    Hi mate Sorry to hear this, Audi's are always being targeted but there's a been a rise in the past few months. RS4 thefts have risen again and we had an 8P S3 stolen a couple nights ago! I work for Tracker in the Control Room, if you're interested in a unit let me know and i can help you out...
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    New brake discs and pads for my 2.0 TDI?

    Hey everyone It's about that time soon to get new discs and pads. When i had my 8L S3 the recommended setup was Black Diamond discs with Ferodo DS2500 pads. Except i didn't do this and bought Lambo brakes for the front :racer: What do you guys recommend for a 2.0 TDI? It's not packing any...
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    ACE Cafe 28/8 - Anyone going?

    Working late shift until 11pm :(
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    My Project Car - Loads of pics

    You've done such a good job with it man, i like it! I understand why you have the RS3 badges as you wanted a rep, not something i would have done, but still i know where you're coming from so that's cool. But just 1 thing, remove the supercharged badges as the RS3 doesn't come charged and...
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    Interior Door Handle LED's mod

    I've got the lighting pack in my car which includes the inner door handle lights, such a cool little feature! :)
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    a3 8p lowerd pics

    I bought JOM's from DPM Performance ^^^^ They're so damn good for budget coilovers!
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    Which car to TEST!

    Ferrari 458 Italia
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    19" 5 arm rotor style wheels to fit audi a3

    I thought they were 9x19's with offset ET33?
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    Black 8L S3 in Staines. LV51 ***

    Spotted a black 8L S3 about 8pm on Sunday 15th July just gone. This was in Staines. Reg was, LV51 ***. It had S4 Avus wheels and red nurburg sticker on bootlid. I was in my friends B5 S4 estate on the opposite side and i think you saw us?