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  1. kwistof

    Attendee list [Jun 26, 2016] Vag at the Manor Attendee List (West Berkshire)

    Off to a wedding on the 26th :( Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. kwistof

    Anyone using 996 turbo calipers...

    I used Pagid RS29s on my 996t front set up, the genuine oem ones from Porsche were around £180 iirc.
  3. kwistof

    Happy Birthday Sandra

    Happy Birthday Sandra- Hope you have a lovely day :)
  4. kwistof

    [Feb 21, 2016] Turnbridge Wells Audi Dealership Meet (Kent)

    Cheers, that's a really generous offer buddy but I think I'm going to give it a rest today and get an x Ray done on Monday to make sure there's no long term damage as its not really getting any better. Plus I'm pretty drugged at the moment lol. Even filled the motor up with a full tank of V...
  5. kwistof

    [Feb 21, 2016] Turnbridge Wells Audi Dealership Meet (Kent)

    Properly gutted I can't make this now peeps :( Stacked it down the stairs earlier today and the good old 'walk if off' and 'mtfu' has really not worked and I'm hobbling about on crutches instead! Attempted to get in my car to see if I can drive and no chance :( Have a good one and obviously...
  6. kwistof

    Highest mileage S3? RIP?

    I feel this pain buddy - although after 2-3 months of constant discussions last year with the insurers I managed to get a decent pay out for my 2000 pre facelift 215,000 miler S3. (which I thought was pretty damn high, but quiet the opposite for me....'being driven' to me does not include...
  7. kwistof

    best buy brake kit? track day use etc...

    Mate of mine did exactly the same on a set of AP J hooks! Was an expensive morning for him. lol Did you speak to Ian and get it sorted then?
  8. kwistof

    best buy brake kit? track day use etc...

    I'd recommend talking to Ian at Godspeed about 2 piece custom made discs. I've been quoted for, 2 piece discs, adapters and lines for around the figure Prawn mentioned above. Plus factor in the rest - 2nd hand 996t 4 pot front calipers = £300ish Pagid RS/DS3000 Pads = £150ish You should...
  9. kwistof

    [Feb 21, 2016] Turnbridge Wells Audi Dealership Meet (Kent)

    Looking forward to this - not long to go now :D
  10. kwistof

    PH South East Gathering - Sunday 24th January

    I was there - been to practically everyone Umair has set up over the past 2 years now and there's always a great selection of cars on display :)
  11. kwistof

    [Feb 21, 2016] Turnbridge Wells Audi Dealership Meet (Kent)

    1. Alex_wil- Alex 2. sjbarneS3- Simon 3. Steve- Steve 4. Batch -Richard 5. Kwistof - Chris
  12. kwistof

    Replacing chorus stereo

    I've used this which retains the 6 CD changer and has other features. A bit pricey but it does everything I wanted it to do with Bluetooth and keeps the OEM buttons working. I'm getting rid of mine very shortly so drop me a PM...
  13. kwistof

    Porsche 997 rear calipers advise

    What are the part numbers of the brakes? Saying they are off a 997 is not much help as there are several different 911 997 models with different variations of rear brakes.
  14. kwistof

    Anybody interested in a shared workshop space with other south easters?

    Shame this is not closer to me :(
  15. kwistof

    upgrades while doing head gasket

    I fried my head just before Xmas and was in a sort of similar position in terms of what to do next... Luckily my mechanic ended up having a freshly ported/polished AGU head available, with single piece exhaust valves and cat cam exhaust springs that sorted me out. Plan was to go K04-64 hybrid...
  16. kwistof

    Visit to Audi at Goodwood FOS 2015

    Ended up falling asleep last night on the laptop whilst uploading the pictures! Lol Hopefully they should upload now :)
  17. kwistof

    Visit to Audi at Goodwood FOS 2015

    Hi all, So today (Thursday 25th June) was the first day that the Goodwood Festival of Speed opened to the public under the 'Moving Motorshow'. I was lucky enough to get a couple of tickets last minute from @Sandra and Adam @Administrators who also managed to book me into an off road test drive...
  18. kwistof

    S3 'car throttle' thread on Facebook -

    Yeah I saw that... Then commented 'Money pit! lol'
  19. kwistof

    *** Feedback For Crawley Audi Meet 7th June 2015***

    Really enjoyed the return meet yesterday back to Crawley Audi. So massive thanks to the staff at the dealership for welcoming us back and obviously @Sandra for making it happen. Lovely weather, great hospitality, some thrilling rides in cars and great to see some new faces turn up. Hope...
  20. kwistof

    OEM Plus build

    Great write up and looks a lovely car - flying the flag well for team noggy :)