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  1. Evil Derboy

    Mk3 Boot Rings - Size?

    Could someone please tell me the dimensions of the boot rings on the Mk3 please?
  2. Evil Derboy

    Sold 20" Judd Model 2 Alloys - Smoke Finish

    20x10J ET20 Audi / VW / Mercedes fitment. Smoke finish is a two-tone gloss black with polished face that has been painted by very dark tinted lacquer. (see link below for more info) Never refurbed or damaged. Each wheel has a small stone chip or two and one has a very light scuff at the end of...
  3. Evil Derboy

    Sold B9 Genuine Audi Carbon Mirror Caps

    These are genuine Audi OEM carbon fibre mirror caps suitable for all B9 platform cars: A4, S4, RS4, A5, S5, RS5. These have the cut-outs required for Lane Assist warning lights (see photos). Over £500 new as an option from Audi, these can be yours for £100. Used - Excellent condition. All...
  4. Evil Derboy

    Sold B9 S5 RS5 KW V3 Coilover Kit

    For full spec and detail of this kit see here: This kit is suitable for all B9 (current shape) S5, RS5 Coupe and Sportback. This kit does...
  5. Evil Derboy

    Sold VCDS HEX-V2 Vagcom

    This is a genuine 3VIN cable as listed here: 2VINs have been used which leaves 1 left for you and your car. Additional VIN packs can be purchased from RossTech. £120 posted.
  6. Evil Derboy

    Sold B9 A5 Genuine Audi Black-Line Tail Lights

    These are suitable for an B9 A5 /S5 / RS5 that has dynamic rear turn signals and are a straight swap. For more information see here: Full set are now off the car and packaged ready to...
  7. Evil Derboy

    Sold B9 S5 / RS5 CETE Active Valve Control

    This allows you to control your exhaust flaps by double tapping the ESC button on your dash. You can have the valves open or as OEM in any drive mode. For more information see here: Comes complete with fitting...
  8. Evil Derboy

    Sold B9 A4/A5 Drivers side storage pack unit - Soul Black

    This is the drivers side storage compartment and dash trim that comes with the storage pack. Easy to fit - only 3 screws and is direct replacement for your existing non-storage pack trim. £150 posted.
  9. Evil Derboy

    Sold B9 A5, S5, RS5 OEM Carbon Dash Trim Set RHD

    Complete Audi OEM trim set for RHD cars. This set includes everything for the coupe but can also be fitted to the A4 or A5 Sportback - you would obviously need to source the rear door trims from elsewhere. The kit is in excellent condition with no scuffs, scratches or marks. One of the...
  10. Evil Derboy

    Sold Veemann VC03 20" Alloys with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres

    £900 delivered or £800 collected. Originally purchased from LK Performance in Gloss Black, these have recently been refurbed in McLaren Anthracite Grey. Selling as I didn't like grey on grey affect with my car and rather than get them re-powder coated in gloss black I decided to treat myself to...
  11. Evil Derboy

    Is Audi no longer dropping Google maps?

    I’ve read on this forum and various others about people being disappointed to discover that Audi plans to stop supporting the google maps overlay on their cars after this year (or next. Can’t quite remember). Gebrr ere al consensus was this was to do with their joint purchase of Here maps from...
  12. Evil Derboy

    Front RS Quattro Logo Touch up paint colour

    Hi all, The Quattro lettering at the bottom of the front of my car has a stone chip, made worse by my then jet washing it and needs touched up. Does any know the actual colour code for this (silver grey) or one close two it? I'm assuming that that the lettering is the same availabel in black...
  13. Evil Derboy

    Defined Details, Glasgow

    Used Gordon a couple of times and never disappointed. If anyone’s ever looking to get their cars paintwork properly sorted this is the place to go:
  14. Evil Derboy

    VIM Video-in-motion now possible on 2018+ MIB

    Firstly I'd like to give a big shout out to @RJ-8V for his help on this. Those of you that have been hoping to get video in motion working on your MY2018 Audi will no doubt have been frustrated to discover that OBDeleven's VIM app will not work on your car. With @RJ-8Vs help on this I can now...
  15. Evil Derboy

    EBay cars for sale clutter

    The above is one page of four. If I want to view cars for sale I can go to eBay and do that. This feature ads no value whatsoever and makes the “New Posts” function unusual as a result. Can we please ditch it @Sandra ?
  16. Evil Derboy

    Best place to tap constant live in boot

    Can anyone help? I'm looking for the best place to tap into a constant live in the boot area. I've got an old iphone and thought I might as well use it as a tracker. So I'm looking to put a 12v socket in to charge it.
  17. Evil Derboy

    Amazing Car Illustrator

    Logged on to a Facebook group that I'm on the other day and found this guy had done a pretty amazing illustration of my car. Totally random. Says that he found the photo online in a forum (so either here or another one I frequent). Turns out hs does illustrations and sells them. It was so good...
  18. Evil Derboy

    Maxton Design Splitter kit

    With Audi having no “M Performance” equivalent parts for their RS cars and having had a Maxton kit on my Golf R a while back, I’ve been pestering them to release an RS5 kit since I bought the car last March. Finally they have one and mine arrived yesterday. Got the front splitter on. Hopefully...
  19. Evil Derboy

    My 2018 RS5 Coupe

    There's not that much B9(F5) content so I thought I'd start a thread on mine. I've had the car from new since 1st of March last year. Managed 20% off a new, unregistered car in UK stock. Since collecting it I've made a few changes. Spec: Daytona Grey with black leather and Rock grey stitching...
  20. Evil Derboy

    2018 RS5 KW Coilovers fitted today

    My car was in getting KW Variant 3 coil overs fitted today by a suspension specialist. They did the fitment and full geometry set-up. Car really does feel superb now. Very planted and the ride is still great. Due to go back in after 300 miles to give the shocks a chance to bed in before any...