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  1. DrummieDave

    Superchips Remap Question

    Hi All, I'm not looking to open a debate on which is the best remap etc... for the RS3, I'm just surprised that there haven't been more owners sharing their experience of, for what I can work out, the best value and safest remap for the RS3? Not the best remap, just best value. I did a search...
  2. DrummieDave

    Media Player/MMI Issue

    Hi there everyone, Has anyone else come across this problem? When I play music or have the satnav on, the MMI makes a hissing sound. A bit like it's running some kind of limiter/compression on the sound system? Or there is something weird going on with the processing of sound/voice command...
  3. DrummieDave

    Brake Questions

    Hello All, I'm new here but not new to RS and S Audi's. I bought an RS3 in Jan and it's fantastic. I've noticed the front brake discs have quite a big lip on them and I'm going to change them. I'm just having some issues with the part number. Are they 8PO 615 301 or 8PO 615 801? Also I've...