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  1. a3_dan

    Reattaching Wiper Spring

    Thats weird, i just searched for rear wiper on the forum to find this recent thread..... anyway..... I was washing my A3 yesterday, pulled the rear wiper back and the spring popped out snapping the hook it holds onto... So do i need to order the whole arm i guess? Is this what i need? REAR...
  2. a3_dan

    What to use on my leathers?

    Still waiting for some decent weather to go outside and sort my leathers now i have the gliptone stuff with me. Do you guys suggest i also use this on the leather such as on the gear gaiter and steering wheel? Thanks, Dan
  3. a3_dan

    Audi TT Boot builders...

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend an ICE installer for my Audi TT? I don't want anything crazy, just a nice box and amp in the boot if poss... Im in South London Cheers, Dan
  4. a3_dan

    What to use on my leathers?

    Ordered my gliptone stuff just now. £12.75 delievered from ebay and a soft leather cleaning brush from the cleanyourcar website (Only 1.99 plus shipping). Hopefully will arrive before the weekend! :-) Will keep you posted on results!
  5. a3_dan

    What to use on my leathers?

    Ive been reading around and many poeple say to use Gliptone 11 and then 12? Theres a guy that sells the pair for around 12quid on ebay, is that worth it? Thanks, Dan
  6. a3_dan

    What to use on my leathers?

    Has anyone got a link to this APC stuff i need to use? Thanks, Dan
  7. a3_dan

    Moving from a TT to A5.....Possibly...

    Hi all, I currently own a TT (2 litre Turbo) and love it to bits, but now im bored (after only owning it 12 months) and im starting to edge towards getting a new A5, The 2 litre turbo engine quattro again. Anyone have views on this engine with this size car? Is it enough? Im thinking of going...
  8. a3_dan

    Glacier White or Ibis White?

    I actually went to the Audi in croydon and Beckenham this weekend, i currently own an ibis TT, And defo think i will be moving to the a5 in glacier. cant wait to get back from my holiday and get to Audi to order one :racer:
  9. a3_dan

    Rusty Hubs...

    Bought everything to do the job this weekend but weather is soo bad haven't been able to do the job yet.... grrrrr
  10. a3_dan

    Rusty Hubs...

    Cool, hopefully the weather will be nice this weekend to get this done. how long do you need to leave to dry before you can drive again? Can you use the hammerite on both the hubs and calipers?
  11. a3_dan

    Rusty Hubs...

    Hi all, My TT has started to get rusty hubs and the calipers are looking like they migth start soon too! So...what with having a long weekend approaching, I might get my hands dirty and clean them up and give them a lick of paint. I want them to still look like new and OEM, So what silver...
  12. a3_dan

    Audi free MOT? Still exist?

    Hi all, Does Audi still do the free MOT offer? cannot seem to find it cheers Dan
  13. a3_dan

    Leather scuff..

    Hi All, I have black leather seats, but have some scuffs on the side bolster from getting in and out, even though i take so much care with getting in and out of my car :-( Any ideas whats best to get sorted and will the repair/treatment be pretty permanent? Thanks, Dan
  14. a3_dan

    First Moss Now Bugs.

    This would really bug me..... Sorry.
  15. a3_dan

    Grease in door shuts..

    Hi All, My car went in for a service couple of months back and Audi kindly covered all my hinges in the doors, boot and bonnet in sooo much grease it has covered all my paintwork at the same time in nasty sticky black grease! Whats the best product to get rid of this? Thanks, Dan
  16. a3_dan

    Show how dirty your car is...

    I finally washed my car this weekend. After about 5 kettle fulls over my hose, i gave up and then took my hose for a hot bath :-) Worked a treat after that! Now my car is filth again, after one drive :-(
  17. a3_dan

    Weirdest Audi Photos Ever

    Jesus Christ
  18. a3_dan

    how do you dry yours

    Thanks for the info. Do you guys tend to try and use the same cloth for the same part of the car? or after they are washed you just use whichever one for any application?
  19. a3_dan

    how do you dry yours

    My towels hang on some nails on the shed wall. What is the best way to wash these though? in the washing machine, but what soap do you use? if any? and how often?
  20. a3_dan

    snow foam lance ?????

    Had a bit of fun this morning with my new snow foam lance! :-) Rubbish mobile phone cam pics, but you get the general jist, was good fun!