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  1. elpaulio

    Sold VCDS Hex+Can USB - Genuine Cable

    Hey everyone, Selling my HEX+Can USB VCDS cable. It is a genuine Ross-Tech cable so can be upgraded and work with the latest version of the software. It will work on all VAG cars up to 2019 model year. As it's one of the older models it is an unlimited VIN version so no restrictions there...
  2. elpaulio

    Seatbelt locking when driving semi-sportily

    Hi all, Just want to see if anyone else's A3/S3 does this. When ever I floor it (and sometimes even when its only on part throttle) my seatbelt locks in place. You know, like when you've slammed on the brakes and it jams and you have to pull it out a bit before it'll go back in. Does yours do...
  3. elpaulio

    Crail Thrash - 15th March 2015

    Evening guys & gals, Who's all going to Crail this Sunday? I'm going to be heading down from Aberdeen just wondered if anyone else was heading down from up this way, could meet up and head down as a group? Cheers Paul
  4. elpaulio

    Arrrgghhhhh!!!!...For Fox Ache!!

    Well, what a thoroughly irritating weekend this has been! Firstly, I've noticed a couple of scratches on the car. One on the N/S/R quarter around hand bag height!! And a couple on the edge of the roof, above the door, on the fricking drivers side...right where I'll now be looking everything I...
  5. elpaulio

    This is painful to watch! :(

    Well, I was looking at the Cola Chrome Foil videos on YouTube on V8's guidance for my exhaust tips and came across this video which I can only apologise for in advance as its painful to watch! Thankfully just a big ol' American truck and not an A3 but painful none the less!!
  6. elpaulio

    SD Card Sat Nav - Lost Oil Temp Display

    Morning all, So I got the SD card Sat Nav installed by Audi yesterday as it was bothering me too much having a button which did nothing :rolleyes::keule:and when I picked the car up first thing I noticed was that the Oil Temp Display in the DIS that I had enabled for the Speed Display window...
  7. elpaulio

    Hello everyone :)

    Hi there, Thought I had better do the done thing and drop a wee introduction in here. I'm Paul and from Aberdeen and I've just recently ordered an S3 to treat myself! Had a few VAG cars in the past: T-reg Mk4 Golf TDi 90 56 plate Golf GT TDi 140 (Dyno'd at 155bhp) A4 B7 2.0 TDi 140 (remapped...