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  1. scoTTy

    "Hidden" remaps now detectable by dealers

    In the past many remappers have claimed their maps aren't detectable by dealers. We all know that if they look hard enough they'll be able to tell but generally dealers didn't have the tools. It seems that's changing. These docs are from the US and suggest that modified cars will be flagged on...
  2. scoTTy

    3G Sat Nav fault

    I've had the 3G SatNav in my B8 A4 for nearly two years. It's had various updates etc and I still get incorrect instructions at roundabouts. e.g. "take the second exit" comes too late so it's actually the next exit that's needed. I've got the latest dealer installable updates and also the 2011...
  3. scoTTy

    Feeler: Swap buckets for standard S3 seats + cash

    My mate's got an S3 but due to kids he's not getting on well pulling the seats back and forth so is looking to swap them out. He posted this on TSN : "Hi, Anyone out there with an S3...
  4. scoTTy

    Collected mine on the 1st Sept....

    .... but didn't have it cleaned by the dealer and then got it valeted properly a couple of days ago. Since this was a replacement for the 2009 A4 Avant I had (which was missing quattro) so I had the chance to play with the toys and decide what I did and didn't like .... which led to me keeping...
  5. scoTTy

    MY2010 available to order from Friday 10th April

    They'll be built from week 22. Boy am I glad they fecked up my order (missed quattro and parking sensors) !!! The changes are quite a bit more than I expected : Automatic stop/start (2.0TDI and 2.0TFSI) - reduces emissions by a few g and decreases fuel comsumption by few mpg Energy...
  6. scoTTy

    2006 'ring dates

    As always they'll be subject to some last minute changes but this is the plan : HERE or in Excel : HERE
  7. scoTTy

    Various videos of mine

    Here's a load of videos of mine including A3, S3, S4, RS4, RS6, M3, alps trips, skid pans, fun in the snow etc. I hope you enjoy them. Videos
  8. scoTTy

    S3 News

    2.0T FSI - 256BHP This was posted on the TT-forum by HZW :
  9. scoTTy

    Phatbox Hacked - I now have 80Gb MP3 in car

    It works!! I put a 20Gb Fujitus drive it which was a direct swap for the 20Gb Fujitsu that I found in there when I opened it! £71 to expand the system. Definately worth it.
  10. scoTTy

    Sept 10-13th - Nurburgring

    If you're a definate to come that let me know as I'm soon to confirm the hotel etc. So far it's around 7 cars and 9 bikers in our group. Basically 9:00ish ferry out on the Saturday, do a few laps, full day Sunday, Monday afternoon and then return on Tuesday will a boot full of booze. Hotel is...
  11. scoTTy

    Scotty Jnr is here

    After a traumatic 24 hours Kate was given an emergency C-section and they whipped baby out. Both are now doing well. Benjamin Samuel Scott was born on Wed 15th June '05 at 7:11am. He weighs 7lb13oz. We think he ran out of room inside Kate's small frame and hence decided he wanted out two...
  12. scoTTy

    If you have an S4....

    My car was at the dealers for the last two days. [1] TSB Link Idle pulley TSB - This TSB resolves the horrid noise you get for the first minute or so when it's cold. [2] TSB Link Afterun coolant pump - This runs a coolant pump after the ignition is turned off. It only does it when the car...
  13. scoTTy

    A3 Sportback Price and Spec Lists

    Here's the price list and specs for the A3 Sportback and also the internal Audi release about it. Product Release Document Price List
  14. scoTTy

    Official Info : Audi TT Coupe 180 PS FWD

    Audi TT Coupe 180 PS Front Wheel Drive Audi UK are today announcing a 180PS FWD Coupe. For the first time for a TT Coupe in the UK, it will be available as a 6 speed tiptronic automatic in addition to a 5 speed manual gearbox. The prices are : <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>...
  15. scoTTy

    Goodbye TT, Hello S4

    Saturday marked the day the everything came together and I got my new car. It's a Oct' 03 car with only 5.5K on the clock. The previous owner was a friend and holds the RoSPA Diploma for Advanced Driving Instruction so I have no worried about the previous miles. It's already been to AMD and...
  16. scoTTy

    Audi Owners' Tours 2004

    (I'm not sure if this should be in European Events or UK so I've put it in both) Audi are again running some tours in 2004 and have provided me with some information. In summary they are : <ul type="square">Audi Owners Champagne Tours 3-6 April 2004 16-19 October 2004 Audi Owners Gourmet Tour...
  17. scoTTy

    A3 3.2 S-line information from Audi UK

    This information is extracted from an Audi Bulletin. Addionally I have been informed that the roof spoiler will not initially be added to UK S line cars : The S line package is available on :<ul type="square">3.2 quattro S line 6 speed manual and DSG2.0 TDI S line DSG[/list] Standard...
  18. scoTTy

    3.2 TT - Official Audi UK News

    This news is direct from Audi UK. The car was only offically signed off for the UK on Tuesday and pricing was finally agreed this afternoon. I had to wait until the Audi Centres had the chance to down load this before I posted. Please be aware that should you go to a dealers tomorrow, you will...
  19. scoTTy

    New A3 - Prices and Details

    Here are the official details on the new Audi A3. The time table for roll out, specs, prices, etc This is extremely hot off the press and as normal with me providing early info, be prepared for the dealers not to be up 100% up to speed yet, if you pay them a visit tomorrow. Info Here
  20. scoTTy

    Latest Audi UK news

    Sorry I can't be ***** to retype this. The latest TT news about the V6 and coil packs is here