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  1. crazylegscrane

    clay bar

    Never thought of that - good tip
  2. crazylegscrane

    22HRS Audi RS6+ Swissvax BOS

    lovely job there - good work chap:o.k:
  3. crazylegscrane

    Mr.G vs Audi RS4

    nice job very impressed with the results:yes:
  4. crazylegscrane

    Audi S3 - 2010 - Blackfire'd

    nice work :icon_thumright: Got the blackfire kit myself and must give the car a clean this weekend as it seems to be wearing most of that Icelandic volcano!
  5. crazylegscrane

    Audi RS6 Avant - C5

    nice work!
  6. crazylegscrane

    Polished Bliss: Sprint Blue RS4 on 20s - Studio shots!

    really nice work as always
  7. crazylegscrane

    b6 A4 Cab - ClearKote Red Moose Glaze

    nice work there:o.k:
  8. crazylegscrane

    Recommended products/routine for dark metallic/pearlescent Audi's

    Hi Rich, I 've got the blackfire polish and paint protection from yourselves and I'm interested in the blackfire wax as well but I wash my car roughly every two weeks and after I always put the paint protection on the car. Now do I need to do this every time or am I using too much product? and...
  9. crazylegscrane

    Door window rubbers

    My wife's A3 has the same problem too, we were discussing the toothbrush option as well. Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. crazylegscrane

    Definitive List Of Car Care Products Needed!

    Hi Rich, I've just got my new S3 and I'm looking to get decent detailing products for it. The colour is deep sea blue pearlescent paint and I'll be working by hand looking for a reflective wetlook finish if possible. Any chance of some recommendations? Cheers