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  1. limbo118118

    Meet up 26/04/15 11:00 Cheshire Oaks

    Would of came if I saw this in time!
  2. limbo118118

    Fitted UK 2015

    Think I'm going this year from wrexham!
  3. limbo118118

    Official 2015 Meets

    not far from me. im up for it!
  4. limbo118118

    Unphased The Show

    i should have my car up and running by then so will probably come for a nose!
  5. limbo118118


    cheers will probably head there once car is finished! always up for bit of a road trip!
  6. limbo118118

    New year new meets!

    think im going to that awesome gti rollin road day! be good to meet some fellow ASNersss! :)
  7. limbo118118

    dc xmas cruise 8/12/12

    Im probably going to this :)
  8. limbo118118

    Northwest meet - Anytime soon???

    im in! me and my s3 8l! :) think im going blackpool breeze aswel :) probably the youngest here tho! hah