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  1. TheJuanAndOnly

    Help! Peeling...

    Hi All, Walking back to the car today and spotted this: There has been no obvious bumps to it (that I know of), so it must have purely just deteriorated, fell and then been slapped by a speed bump. Has anyone else had anything similar happen? Is this fatal/requiring of a replacement or can...
  2. TheJuanAndOnly

    12V Cigarette Lighter Sockets - Can they be modified to turn off with the ignition?

    Hi all, Has anyone on here ever bothered to install an ignition switch for the 12V sockets? If so, how did you go about it? Cheers, Juan
  3. TheJuanAndOnly

    Light faults

    Hey all, Just jumped into the car after a Lidl shop and the HUD is telling me that my right rear brake, right rear indicator and right rear reverse lights have all gone, simultaneously. Obviously, replacing them is no bother, but I find the fact they all went at once a little suspicious. I have...
  4. TheJuanAndOnly

    Installing K&N Air Filter

    Decided to go for a K&N filter, managed to find time to fit it yesterday. Quite impressed by the build quality, first time I've fitted one. Noticeable difference in sound and also surprisingly noticeable throttle response increase so chuffed really for such a simple job! (Yeah I popped one of...
  5. TheJuanAndOnly

    Finally getting aftermarket exhuast, any suggestions?

    Looking at finally replacing the awful stock exhaust, what is everyone using for performance? I like some of the Milltek options, but just wondering if anyone has experience any significant gains from other specific brands/models/types? Cheers
  6. TheJuanAndOnly

    Custom PIDS - Do they exist?

    Hi all, I'm looking to run the Torque Pro diagnostic tool with a bluetooth OBD scanner and before I had a go at coding it myself, I was wondering if anyone had any audi PIDs for the app? Preferably in the form of a .CSV so I can hoof it straight into the Torque directories. Cheers!
  7. TheJuanAndOnly

    Sparkies: What are you using?

    Hi all, What sparkies are you all using at the moment? Mine are coming to the end of their life pretty rapidly, need some suggestions! Cheers.
  8. TheJuanAndOnly

    High-performance Oil Choice?

    Hi guys, I have the B7 2.0 Litre (Non-turbo) Avant and am looking to do a full oil change. Any recommendations on what to use to get the most out of the engine? Cheers all
  9. TheJuanAndOnly

    Red Engine Cover?

    I've seen a few pics on here now of some red engine trim/covers, are these buyable or have they just been made custom by the individuals?
  10. TheJuanAndOnly

    Hello! I'm new to the Audi world... ...where to start?

    Hi there Just purchased a 07' plate 2.0 Litre 5mt Avant and I am loving it! This question has most likely been asked thousands of time but I can't find it anywhere here so ah well! What are the go-to after market upgrades for this model? I've seen rumblings that a stage 1 ECU flash is worth...