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    mk1 tt led side lights, interior lights and number plate leds

    As title really, not sure if canbus needed for mk1 tt (2003) but please can I have a quote for the above Many thanks.
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    longer wheel bolts

    Hi, Does anyone know of a reliable place to buy extended wheel bolts as my new wheels need slightly longer. I think on the 8p they are m14 with 60 deg chamfer but if anyone could confirm? Many thanks!
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    Part number request.

    Hi, Could anyone with the appropriate system help me with the following audi part numbers? Lh and rh side 3 door 2011 rear light clusters. Small rubber grommet that holds the clusters in. The hand tightening screw/bolt thing that holds the light clusters in from inside the car. I...
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    Not the norm 8p1 steering wheel question

    Ok, so I have a 2004 a3, single stage steering wheel. I know I can't fit a later spec steering wheel as much as I'd like to without massive expense/uncertainty of working so I have been considering getting my existing wheel retrimmed or buying another spare wheel why I retrim that. My question...
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    Led upgrades

    Hi, Anyone recommend me somewhere to get these from? Don't want to get eBay specials and bought three pairs from trupps but all three pairs have burnt out within a year, is this normal and just have to put up with rubbish shelf life? Thanks
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    140 tdi brake upgrade

    Righto, Been informed by my mechanic that my front pads and discs will need changing soon so just wondered if callipers, discs and pads from an s3 or golf gti etc would fit and what I would exactly need? Do I need calliper mounting brackets etc. Any info be great! Thanks
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    Rear valance/diffuser thingy......

    Hey, Does anyone know how much just the standard rear valance part of a later spec rear bumper (3 door) costs fraud? Just the dark grey smooth part, none of your be or s3 malarkey! I hope someone know what im talking about! Haha.
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    Bbs ck 19" wheels refurb or swap?

    Just after your opinions really. I have a set of 19" bbs ck wheels in the bright silver finish which I love but I have Kerb rash on one of the wheels and small marks from running slight stretch on two other wheels. I don't think a mobile/smart repair place would get anywhere near the finish...
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    Earth point for aftermarket amplifier

    Does anyone know where is the best place for earthing an aftermarket amplifier? Thanks
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    Alloy wheel opinion

    Hi, I'm after a new sets of rims for my a3. I want 19" and will be looking to buy from rim style (basically I had a set of wheels from them in the past which I had a warranty claim on but as they were literally a week or so out of warranty they gave me a credit note and will give me free...
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    Knocking sound on full left lock

    As title, any ideas? Only started yesterday and only when on full left lock so obviously at low speeds only! Thanks
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    Detailing question

    As many of you seem to be keen or pro detailers I have a quick question. I have some swirl marks on my car from previous owner obviously loving a £5 hand carwash special but I was wondering if I can remove these swirl marks without visiting a pro detailer as I cant afford that or by buying a da...
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    Staggered wheel fitment question

    Hi, My a3 is currently lowered 80mm on coilovers, and I am looking at getting 19" wheels. The ones I like are 8.5x19 et45 front with 225-35-19 tyres and 9.5x19" et40 with 235-35-19, do I have any chance of the rears fitting? How much work will it take to fit?
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    Interior trim opinions- brushed ally or piano black?

    What do people think? It's a three door in mauritius blue......
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    Fitting new steering wheel to 2004 technical question

    Looks like I have a newer spec steering wheel coming my way, but fitting it to a 2004 car is a problem apparently, can anyone outline what it is? Something to do with it being a single connection in my car and the new wheel a twin connection or something! Alternatively if it is not something...
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    Gear knob choices

    I am considering changing the gear knob on my a3 2.0tdi, as my is showing signs of wear, any recommendations on a nice upgrade? S3? Tt, rs4 etc? Pics, prices and hopefullyart numbers would be really helpful! Thanks
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    Fitted new seats now airbag light on.

    Fitted my new seats yesterday, from a mk2 tt and the wiring plugs were different to those on my a3 so as expected the airbag light came on. If I changed the plugs from my original seats onto the new ones cure this? Or can it be turned off via diagnostics? The seats are lovely and far outweigh...
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    Electric seats question

    Hi, I have managed to get hold of a set of later spec seats that are fully electric but my 2004 sport does not have electric seats. Will I have wires in place (wishful thinking!) or will i need to wire in the new seats, in which case how easy will this be? Many thanks
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    Opinions on leather colour

    Hey, I will be retrimming my interior over the winter as my a3 has cloth seats ( £1000 extra when I was looking for my car for equivalent with leather) but I am unsure what colour to go for. My car is a 3 dr tdi in maurituis(sp) blue. My favourite colour of leather in cars is red but I just...
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    3 and 5 door rear bumper the same?

    Hi, I am looking for a later spec rear bumper (just need the top half) and I have been told by someone selling one locally on ebay that the 3 and 5 door rear bumper were the same fit? I was sure they were different though?? Can anyone confirm or deny?? Thank you.