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  1. Dean Shirt

    A4 B9 rear brake pads/grinding noise

    Hi all, just had my car MOT’d at Audi Stoke. At the same time I had the brake fluid changed as recommended. On the visual check they advised the rear pads were 70% worn. I’m not replacing them yet. However Iv had the car about a week and it’s been fine but yesterday and today when I start the...
  2. Dean Shirt

    Google earth not loading

    Noticed the last two days my google earth view is not loading. Any ideas? It does try to load the earth view but then fails? Thanks
  3. Dean Shirt

    B9 exterior door handle LED remain on

    Good evening, this maybe a bizarre question but I really like the look of my door handle lights when I unlock the car in the evening. Question.... is it possible to somehow set them so that they remain on even whilst driving? Not sure if this is against the law also? I’d only want them running...
  4. Dean Shirt

    Tyre pressure loss indicator

    Hi again folks, I’m going to bore you to death again. Had my 2017 A4 avant for around 2/3 weeks now. Since ownership I have had the tyre pressure loss indicator pop up twice now for my rear right tyre. First time I just topped it up and reset, second time I was a little suspicious of a puncture...
  5. Dean Shirt

    Audi sound system with 10 speakers

    Hi all, forgive me as I’ve not owned the car very long at all. I was just looking at my optional extras on my b9 2017 avant. I seem to have the standard “Audi sound system with 10 speakers” can I ask does this include a subwoofer or do you only get this with the b&o stuff? If so where can I find...
  6. Dean Shirt

    Different tyre sizes front & rear

    Hi, first of all this is my first post as I have recently purchased a 2017 A4 avant S line tdi 190 (stronic)and I love it. However I have a query...... yesterday whilst cleaning my wheels I noticed that my rear tyres are a different size to my front. Rear 245/40/18 Front 245/45/18 is this meant...