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  1. Rob1967

    2.7 v6 tdi

    Is there any v6 specialist on here My car had new turbo and airflow metre and new turbo solenoid (n75 type) since having this done when car ticks over there is a droning noise from airbox and can hear egr open and close at same time as drone. I have pulled the vaccum pipe off that goes to egr...
  2. Rob1967

    Car value

    Hi all Can anyone give me a value for my audi a6 avant it's a 2.7tdi recent turbo and airflow metre and glow plugs and front spring good clean bodywork starts and drives as it should it has 260000 mile on clock but no rattle
  3. Rob1967

    Front suspension

    Front spring snapped so while stripping components down to replace spring the top pinch bolt sheared off Do you guys have any idea how to remove the remaining bolt witch is seized solid. Thanks
  4. Rob1967

    Central locking

    Over the past few months my front doors were hit and miss when using remote now passenger side gave up totally is there any way to find part number for mechanisms without stripping the door Thanks
  5. Rob1967

    Intermittent power loss

    I have put New turbo and air flow metre on car and still intermittent loss of power.i had car scanned and it says airflow metre and turbo control limit not reached what could be the cause of this Thanks
  6. Rob1967

    Power loss

    Driving along in 2.7tdi then suddenly loses power and smoke from exhaust and glow plug light flashes if u turn ignition off then back on while driving it goes back to normal with no light or smoke Please help as getting annoying and dangerous to drive now Thanks
  7. Rob1967

    2.7 tdi

    Do any of you know if a6 2.7tdi has a map sensor and if so where is it located please
  8. Rob1967

    Turbo change

    I am on changing turbo on a6 2.7tdi is there any easy way to get the bottom pipe off I think it's the egr pipe it screwed on from bottom with very little room Thanks
  9. Rob1967


    Looking at replacing glowplugs but when looking some say 4.4 volt and some say 12 volt how can I find out what variant I need. And how easy do they come out of engine Thanks
  10. Rob1967

    No power

    I had car scanned and came back as 00257 air flow metre car had intermittent loss of power it has been like this for few days with no warning lights. Now tonight I get engine management light on constant and glow plug light flashes and smoke from exhaust it now has additional code 00565...
  11. Rob1967


    Had local garage scan car and they gave me these codes 005663 plug 6 005662 plug 5 005661 plug 4 005560 plug 3 005659 plug 2 Is it possible that 5 out of 6 are not working or is there something else that could cause this .not sure if they been changed before but car has 253.000 miles on...
  12. Rob1967

    2.7 tdi loss of power

    When pulling out of junction car just loses all power I have to dip clutch and rev it then it goes . Also when going I put foot down to overtake and again loses power for a bit then you can feel it gradually picking up to normal Any help appreciated
  13. Rob1967

    Front brakes

    Changed pads and discs today . I removed cap and piston pushed back freely on both sides. I did not open any nipples or joint. I did what I had to do put it all back together pumped pedal and went hard .i went out 5 minutes later and pedal goes halfway down.there is no leaks Any help...
  14. Rob1967

    Rear tyres

    I just changed rear discs and pads on my avant and noticed both rear tyres are running off on inside. Is this a common thing and how do I correct it Thanks
  15. Rob1967

    A4 s line

    My rear shocker is weak is there any difference between normal a4 and s line shockers. Thanks
  16. Rob1967

    Heater fan

    It works sometime but then I get a smell like burning wires for few seconds then no fan . Sometimes after engine turned off then back on it works but not always .when it not working there is no aircon or air getting into car.what is the likely cause before I strip motor out Thanks
  17. Rob1967


    Someone keyed down both sides of my car (57 reg a6 avant ) they are deep scratches will insurance repair the damage Thanks
  18. Rob1967

    Cv joint

    I have a6 c6 2.7 tdi 57 reg How easy is it to change outer cv joint I know you have to part remove arms. I need to know how to split shaft from joint. Thanks
  19. Rob1967

    Light fault

    My avant keeps saying bulb failure and reverse light failure they all work fine it is only rear left side any idea how to sort . It's a 57reg Thanks
  20. Rob1967


    Is there an ignition live on my headlights or near lights. car is 57 reg avant with halogen lights Thanks