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    Favorite PPF, Ceramic Coating, and Tint Film?

    I know there have been other threads on this, but they're all a little dated at this point. Growing up, my dad always thought these things were a scam, so...of did I, and I never really gave them a second thought until now. I'm planning to put all 3 on my RS3 the second it arrives...
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    Facelift 2018 Ara Blue RS3 Saloon: Alu-Optics or Black Optics?

    Really struggling with Alu-optic vs Black Optic...thoughts?
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    Preliminary RS3 U.S. Order Guide?

    Saw this floating around today. I suspect it's really preliminary given the lack of various options (black optics, ACC/LKA, sport exhaust, seat choices, etc.), but it at least gives some idea where they're headed.