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  1. limbo118118

    Clutch bleeder block retaining clip

    Have to buy the whole block which comes with the clips. I had to buy one 2 weeks ago just over £30 from TPS
  2. limbo118118

    Both fuel trims 0... whats up!?

    Put back together today.. new lambda fitted... lambda control measure block 001 values changes while engine running New boost gauge - fixed vac leak on manifold, and now have nice -20 vaccum at idle! Rev and goes to 0. Still not showing any fuel trims but not sure if these will come up...
  3. limbo118118

    Both fuel trims 0... whats up!?

    Found the tiniest of holes of my intake manifold yesterday. Couldnt hear it but had my hand down by the hoses double checking and then felt cold air from somewhere an found it. So fixed that Also got new lambda to fit today Fingers crossed we see some difference now
  4. limbo118118

    Both fuel trims 0... whats up!?

    Thanks bill sounds like il be in contact this coming week if i carnt figure it out here. Some photos of vcds today... Things that i think are weird.. Boost pressure? Are the figures correct? This is all at idle! The right hand number slowly climbed when i unplugged MAP sensor It is reading...
  5. limbo118118

    Both fuel trims 0... whats up!?

    When i spoke to you last bill i said it was a mis-communication over that booking. I am not a "time waster" never have been. I put my money where my mouth is and stand by it. If your interested in helping give me a message if not il look else where.
  6. limbo118118

    Both fuel trims 0... whats up!?

    Cheers for the reply paul. Boost gauge is vaccum. Never been touched always worked. Will check block 115 tommorow!. I had cleared fault codes. Only one being battery. So maybe another little drive to see if fuel trims kick back in. I will double check over all connections to sensors too...
  7. limbo118118

    Both fuel trims 0... whats up!?

    Vcds . Block 032. Both fuel trims are on 0. Recently had everything unplugged doing jobs... got it all back together... drove it around the estate and noticed boost gauge is now sitting at 0 at idle!? And when i rev a tad it goes up! Doesnt make sense... cars running very rich.. sounds like...
  8. limbo118118

    What should throttle body % be at with engine off? VCDS

    I Was playing around on Vagcom today and noticed. My throttle body % is around 7% with engine turned off. Is this correct? Or should it be 0%? And then i put it fully down and it only went up to 85% shouldnt it go to 100%? I tried to go on throttle body alignment but its wouldnt do anything...
  9. limbo118118

    A3/S3 videos

    Video of my s3 me and my friend put together one evening.
  10. limbo118118

    Good quality oil filters k&n?

    Anyone ever used k&n oil filters on there 1.8t? Worth getting?
  11. limbo118118

    Track day steering wheels and fixing boss.

    If it was me id spend abit more on better quality products. Demon tweeks have a good range. Alot of my friends do drift days an have removable wheels. An the difference in cheap to more expensive ones is massive.... -cheap bosses have side to side play! - cheap wheels flex and get dirty an...
  12. limbo118118

    new headlight group buy

    Im in *price dependant 1. Hydro s3 2. warren9022 3. Chromag 4. Hendo#1 (price dependant) 5. Neso s3 (AUS) 6. Basil brush 7. Limbo
  13. limbo118118

    new headlight group buy

    Id be interested just need to know the price etc :)
  14. limbo118118

    Cleaning Methanol Nozzles

    Thanks for the post definitely going to clean mine now!
  15. limbo118118

    Which clutch slave cylinder?

    LUK it is then cheers!
  16. limbo118118

    Which clutch slave cylinder?

    Hi all just replacing my clutch slave cylinder. Which brand do people reccormend to go for on this part? Eurocarparts list 2 different brands... sachs or luk? Sure i read somewhere someone had issues with one brand but cant find the thread...
  17. limbo118118

    Direnza radiator...

    Anyone had issues with the direnza radiators leaking where the hoses attach? Fitted with new o-rings but still doesnt feel the best! Have heard others mention wedging another o-ring into the end gap but not sure on this... any input?
  18. limbo118118

    Never ending s3 has another issue....

    So got under the car this morning.. Few photos of the propshaft in the centre were the rubber mount is. All feels pretty secure no massive amount of play in my opinion. Did get a video of the front wheel shake as i try to reverse.. will try an post a link to that now..
  19. limbo118118

    Never ending s3 has another issue....

    This has been back off stands for a while now an it still does it... will get a video of it on the weekend while i check around the prop!