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    1st Official 8V RS3 shots

    It sounds really incredible when revving from stand still. It has a certain AMG V8 anger, at least when its stationary.
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    RS4 vs S3 Sedan

    I am not comparing the S3 with the B8 RS4 but with the B7 RS4 in sedan(saloon) form. And I am grateful for all responses and I am glad to see people here are unbiased which makes the discussion useful and pleasant to read.
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    RS4 vs S3 Sedan

    I am in a A3/S3 forum and everybody is telling me to go for the RS4. I've have never driven an RS4 so... but at the same time all i read in the magazines about the S3 is praise, especially US magazines who seem to love the S3 sedan...
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    RS4 vs S3 Sedan

    This is my first post here so hi to you all. Long story short the thing is I'm thinking of selling my 2014 A5 3.0 T Coupe to get something a little bit cheaper and more practical. But I don't want to give up driving something exciting. It has to be a 4 door. After looking for all brands and...