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    Anyone with vagcom in Kent/london?!

    Hey, I've just installed the aux lead into my rnse but it's not showing up, I need someone with a vagcom to turn it on? Can anyone help, I'm from Kent/SE london Thanks Tom
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    REMAP at AMD tomorrow (10th) EXCITED!

    I've been trying to make up my mind about stage 1 or 2 for a while I already have a hybrid stage 2 turbo fitted as my old turbo was starting to scare all the crack heads down the road thinking i was police! Im looking to sell the car in a few months so i cant justify spending another 1k on a...
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    Anyone In Kent / southeast want to swap my turbo for ££?

    So I've got the sticky vains syndrome and have now got a turbo dynamics Hybrid :) amd essex want £400 to swap the turbo. So I'm wondering is anyone (who knows what they are doing) would like to give it a go and ill pay you instead? I don't mind travelling within reason! Im itching for...
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    VAG COM Tweaks?

    Im just wondering what cool tweaks i could have just by a bit of technical trickery? Ive got an 06 plate 2.0tdi s line, can i have the coming home lights? Thanks :)
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    Hybrid turbo my tdi 140

    So I'm thinking my turbo is about to die and I really want a remap. So the hybrid I can't get for £500 but what other things will I NEED? I would be happy around 190-200bhp. Turbo dynamics stage 2 - £500 Remap - amd £400 boost hoses? miltec?
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    I want to remap but... its now another overboost sooty TDI ???

    Hi everyone, i think i've got the popular sooty turbo problem as many 2.0TDIs get? I had it plugged in and got the "Boost pressure regulation exceeded, over boost po234" The guy sold me a £20 bottle of something and for 2 days... the car drove much nicer and i didn't get any limp mode in 5th...
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    Ace cafe - Audi meet (Tuesday 30th July 2013)

    Any other locals fancy this? I've never been before as I've just got my A3, but heard its good? I'm based in Dartford Kent and want to get some ideas and see what other people have been doing to their cars? Anyone up for it? 6-11pm
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    New member from Kent/London, My first Audi... very happy so far!

    Hi, i'm Tom from Kent, thought i better say high as i've been glued to this forum for the last 2 days since i got my Audi The mod bug has bitten again and now for my - A3 s-line Black 3dr 2.0TDi 140 with satnav / bose my plans are: Parrot MKI9200 install Remap - Any recommendations around...