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  1. StuA3

    Tunning tips for a3 turbo sport

    hi just new to the audi cars so just wondering what tips i can have to get more from the car its a y 1.8 T S without to much messing around and little expence not that i'm greedy just not well off thanx S
  2. StuA3

    Crashing sound when going over a small bump

    Definitely not the spare wheel had the exhaust sorted but the others i will get checked thanks
  3. StuA3

    Audi corrosion Nightmare....Help!!!....

    today i went to Audi for a corrosion inspection as my back arch is a little dodgy and a small bleb on the roof anyway he took it in and when he came back said do you want the good or bad news, bad was that the car is not covered by the warranty because its had a little spray in the back quarter...
  4. StuA3

    Audi a3 Front Grille

    is it right the second grill will fit a 2001 a3 :)
  5. StuA3

    Crashing sound when going over a small bump

    hi when i go over a small pot hole or a speed bump the front end is smooth but when the back end goes over its a big bang like the suspension is shot but i've had it in the garage i bought it from and they can't see anything could it be anything else :sob:
  6. StuA3

    Audi Corrosion Warranty help...

    Hi just reading through and i think im a happy man now, i have just bought an audi a3 and the drivers side back arch has started to rust also on the roof close to the roof bars there is a big beble were the rust is coming through the paint work is this under audi warrenty so for the dealer to...
  7. StuA3

    Brand new Audi owner

    hi all, i'm Stu and i live in stockton on tees, i have just bought my first audi and what a car, its a y plate a3 1.8 t sport. I'm looking forward to getting some good advise and info from fellow Audi owners