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    Auto to manual conversion on 2.5v6 tdi quattro

    Hi peeps Been a long time since I've posted anything on here I'm in a pickle my car is as in the title a quattro 180 2.5 v6 tdi auto and its giving me hell I have a now very violent vibration going on with it when you drive the car normally and it's doing my head in nothing will break so I...
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    Quattro gearbox to 2wd ????!

    Hi all, Right I'm building a mk1 golf with 20v Turbo and 6 speed box i need to know how you convert the quarto gearbox to 2wd I've seen it done but no instructions on how to do it any help would be much appreciated thanks Dan
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    V6 tdi down on power and vibration

    Hi all my v6 tdi avant Quattro Tiptronic is down on power its had full top end build with cams and new valves x9 A remap decat and it only makes 167 Bhp and 280 lbs ft torque does anyone know what this could be also there is a nasty vibration from the transmission at 1600rpm at 30 in 3rd 40...
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    2.5v6 tdi injector seals!!!

    Hi all long time since I've posted anything Now does anyone know where I can get the 6 injector seals that are in the rocker covers as I've asked tps in slough and they say that Audi don't sell them on their own they sell them with the rocker covers which are £60 each side (**** that) Also I...
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    A4 b6 juddering between 40-50 mph

    Hi all please help!! My a4 b6 2.5tdi Quattro tip has been giving me some problems it's got this annoying judder Now I haven't changed the tyres over or anything yet just wanted to know if there's anything that springs to mind before I go spending money I don't need to It's got decat...
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    S4 decat downpipes

    Anyone know if or has an s4 v8 with decats If so what sort of power you think it will make with remap and filter Standard exhaust at the back My customer only wanted the decat pipes for now so they will be finished tomorrow I'll post some pictures and hopefully a video too
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    Photobucket uploads please help

    As above I'm trying to upload some photos from my iPhone 4 and it won't let me any help will be brilliant guys :banghead:
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    S4 B6 exhaust tail pipe size?

    As above I need to find out what size the tail pipes are on an s4 I'm building an exhaust for a fella and he said he wants it to be slightly bigger looking out back but not to much Any help would be great cheers lads:icon_thumright:
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    Remapped 2.5 v6 tdi auto !!!

    Just had my 2.5 v6 tdi avant remapped it's an auto and I'm not majorly impressed with itdo you think if I got a tuning box would this be better it's a 180 bhp as standard and the fella who did it said I won't get alot out of it because it's a 180 can anybody tell me if I could get more out of a...
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    A4 2.5 v6 tdi mpg is *****!

    Hi all I am having problems with the motor not returning very good mpg What should I be looking at for around town and then on a run From experience anybody Also I've decated it I'm maybe thinking this could have something to do with the poor fuel consumption And finally it's an auto...
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    2.5 v6 tdi dynamic pump timing!!!

    Hi all I need some help I have recently put my engine back together in my a4 2.5 v6 tdi now it runs lovely exept it's **** on fuel consumption (about 28 mpg ish that's taking it easyish) and I recon it's a bit down on power now two questions What sort of mpg should I get out of it on a run...
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    Tiptronic gearbox not wanting to play ball 2.5v6 tdi a4

    Im having problems got the car down of the ramps today after all the problems I had with it(belt broke 9 valves cams were ****** then the turbo thing) now it's running mint the fuckwitted ******* car won't put any drive down well I say any it does but you have to rev it to about 1850-2000 rpm...
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    Turbo f*#ed what one to go for???!! 2.5 tdi180

    Hi guys my project is nearly finished and started it today after head work and 9 valves Now the turbo is whistling and smoking like a whore now do we no what model turbo to go for I have gotta buy a new one anyway so let me no what you views are it's getting remapped an I'm building an exhaust...
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    Oil how much a4 2.5tdi ????

    Hi all just need to no how much oil my car is gonna need ?I'm going to get the oil today and need to no how much, I've checked everywhere I can think of and you are my only hope now Thanks guys:think:
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    S4 cat pipes!!!!

    Does anyone know If the cat pipes on a b6 and a b7 4.2 s4 v8 are the same items as one another I've been asked to make some decats for a b6 and a b7 so wanted to no if I will get away with one set of jigs or have to make 2 sets any help would be most helpful:sos:
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    2.5 v6 tdi tuning

    Does anyone have any experience in tuning the ake 2.5 v6 tdi ? I've made a decat pipe up for it and done some port work on the heads no chip or remap yet, now what sort of power should it make with these mods it is the 180 bhp quattro as standard Also what's the best but not so expensive...
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    Cam fitting problem 2.5 v6 tdi ake

    Hi all I'm new to the audi scene and would like some help if anybody knows I need to no how to time up the engine,the cams are worn out and also the belt snapped Now there is no valve damage but I'm going to take them out anyway to replace the stem seals Where is the best place for the...
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    Hi Chapps im new

    Hi all im new to the audi world and would like some pointers about my car. Its an a4 b6 2.5 v6 tdi and guess what the cams have worn out also the belt went and need to no how to time it all up,there is no valve damage but im still going to take them out (the cars done 159k)to replace the valve...