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  1. easytease

    max offset?

    in that case, any suggestions for where to get longer bolts to compensate for the 10mm spacers, and will the rims/tyres still be legal, in terms of being within the arches?
  2. easytease

    max offset?

    Hi, im looking at some A3 8P (2003) alloys as an alternative to the current 16's i have. I know they're still 16x7" so thats not an issue. The offset is 50, will these fit? car is standard height (SE model) and will be running the normal 205/55 rubber. Thanks
  3. easytease

    My Lupo GTi 6speed

    very nice. do you get mot's okay with them plates on. im tempted to get some...
  4. easytease

    Engine Problems!!

    the Throttle Position Sensonr on fords, and the Idle Control Valve both cause this.
  5. easytease

    trip computer reset

    mine randomly does this, i assumed its a dodgey connection. next time i get in the car its fine.
  6. easytease

    Faulty Ashtray on 1999 Audi A4 ?????

    take it out and clean the cogs, mine did this as it was full of dust and debris.
  7. easytease

    porter cable and all the shizz.

    Im contemplating selling my portercable. So i thought i'd test the water.. basically i'd be selling: 1x porter cable polisher with the 110v yellow plug fitted. 1x 16m(i think its 16m) yellow 100v extention cable. 1x 3.3kva 110v transformer 1x sonus das pad kit used a couple of times 1x...
  8. easytease

    Quality of the Symphony head unit?

    just bung a becker in there :D
  9. easytease

    Yikes, it's all gone already!

    its a 'bottomless' container of wax, quite how you get it refilled im not sure
  10. easytease

    At last, a Menzerna delivery!

    cracking stuff :D its a minimum 1pallet order from them now, isnt it
  11. easytease

    Speaker upgrade........

    and remove the reat speakers to allow more bass into the cabin, espically on the sealed boot a4's. custom door pods is THE way forward :D
  12. easytease

    my rear speakers dont work??

    you might need a remote relay, as your headunit might not put out enough power down the remote lead to work the aerial booster and the rear spakers. the bit that you dont know about is the can-bus (or simular) stuff for the DIS display :)
  13. easytease

    Polished Bliss: Brand new Golf MKV GTI

    its a washing bay, the water is retained within and then pumped into a tank. They had to do it as part of the lease conditions or something like that.
  14. easytease

    Whats in your CD player at the moment???

    Mark Ronson - Version and The Used - Lies For Liars.
  15. easytease

    Car still not right

    glad you finally got her running mate :D you at T15?
  16. easytease

    Meguiars Water Magnet

    a treuly amazing cloth :D
  17. easytease

    Paging Andymac

    £250+vat? i'd rather eat my left testicle. Its a 20minute job, and thats WITH coffee :)
  18. easytease

    Thats a big turbo

    hmmm tempting. But the jet thing was done in a new beetle to a much higher standard in america.
  19. easytease

    detailing 'the tank'

    Still not got any in stock :( ive got money burning holes in my pocket. Any one want to suggest an alternative bunch of products that are instock in the UK right now.
  20. easytease

    Sloppy Gear Change?

    i think they're rod chainge actually. mines a bit sloppy but couldnt be ***** to look for whats loose lol.