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  1. Dan_Avant

    For Sale TFSI Tuning Parts (Breaking my K04 Stage 2+ A4 B7 Special Edition)

    I'm breaking my 2007 Stage 2+ K04 A4 TFSI Quattro (B7 model) Special Edition (BUL engine code). With all the mods I have for sale the car made a reserved 340 bhp, if it had forged rods/pistons it could have achieved between 370-380bhp. Lots of the parts will fit other 2.0 TFSI engines in the...
  2. Dan_Avant

    We’ll that didn’t last long….

    The Mrs drove the S4 recently and decided she now wants a newer car too, which means the b7 track car idea is a no go. She wants something bigger, a Q5 or Tiguan, but that means I need to free up some money and space on the driveway. So, I don’t have the time or patience to repair the oil and...
  3. Dan_Avant

    Looking at buying a B8 S4

    Morning all I’m sure this question has been asked hundreds of times but the search function isn’t bringing anything up. Anyway, I’m looking at buying a 2010 S4 (3.0 TFSI). Car has 83k on it and a good spec including Drive select, full service history, super sport seats etc and i have a few...
  4. Dan_Avant

    Audible Rattle, White Smoke & Black Splatter from Exhaust

    So today the cars developed an audible rattle, another oil leak and fired loads of black splatter across my driveway from the exhausts followed by a cloud of white smoke. I can only hear the rattle when the bonnet is open. I can hear it louder when I put ear near the cone filter. I believe the...
  5. Dan_Avant

    Forge Quick Shifter

    Has anyone got or had any experience with the forge (or any other) quick shifter on the b7 6 speed gear box? I had one on one of my previous TT’s and loved it and want one on the b7. Just looking for a bit of feed back really. Was install easy or difficult? How much can you adjust the throw...
  6. Dan_Avant

    K03 Hybrid Failure.....Solved!

    I decided to take my stock and hybrid K03’s apart today and it’s clear to see why the hybrid failed. First off, the inlet housing on the hybrid turbo had split: Secondly, seal on the hybrid is horribly misshapen (red one is from the hybrid, which was on my car for a few thousand miles, the...
  7. Dan_Avant

    Aftermarket Sub/Amp

    I’ve dug an old 12” sub with built in amp out of the loft and want to install it into the car but having issues getting power. I want to run the power cable from the battery down the passenger side of the car and into to boot. I can’t find a way from the battery through to the cab on the...
  8. Dan_Avant

    Newbie from the South West

    Hi All Not new to forums but new to this one. On my 3rd Audi. Owned 2 mk1 TT 225 Quattro's in the past. Now the owner of a B7 2.0 TQ SE Avant. Been collecting parts over the last 12 months. Nearly ready to go stage 3. Dan