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  1. Austineer

    A3 tdi Quattro owners?

    Anyone on here own one of these rare beasts? Iv owned two, still own one. Set up a Facebook group just for the 8l versions of anyone interested Audi a3 tdi 8l owners... Hope too see your cars or former ones.
  2. Austineer

    Power Folding Mirrors Guide

    That would be ideal..
  3. Austineer

    Power Folding Mirrors Guide

    Hello just bought myself some a6 mirrors to do mine, as iv alloy mirrors... Did you ever sort out the folding once you lock the doors after? Not sure How old this thread is sorry.
  4. Austineer

    My new 2001 S3 discovery..

    Cricky that does look good.. I do like the dolphin grey. Mines merlot red, you can do mine if it's that quick lol
  5. Austineer

    My new 2001 S3 discovery..

    Quick work there, got the makings of a nice car
  6. Austineer

    Audi Cabriolet steering damper

    Have a look on Facebook. Audi 80 CAB/coupe sales and wanted group Also a general group for non parts. Audi 80 cab/coupe enthusiasts
  7. Austineer

    1996 Audi Coupe 2.6

    Nice coupe, I used to have a golf cabrio 2.0 many years ago myself, both lovely cars. There a cabrio/coupe group for the audi on Facebook. Audi 80 cab/coupe enthusiasts worth a look
  8. Austineer

    South Wales S3

    Nice plate. You work at the BMW body shop?
  9. Austineer

    South Wales S3

    Hi Josh I'm also in Cardiff, not seen that black s3 around, I'm a a3 tdi quattro owner sorry. Dont see many of either car around here.
  10. Austineer

    High Mileage 2003 A3 8l 1.9 tdi Quattro, do you think this is a good idea?

    Look up the audi a3 8l tdi Quattro group on Facebook There also a sales and wanted group separately
  11. Austineer

    Audi s3 8L lower door moulding

    N.l.A from audi You may find some good ones on eBay, or try s3 breaker on Facebook. (Chris)
  12. Austineer

    TT mk2 steering wheel to fit a3

    Hi yes so I believe, not too bothered with airbag, just the horn I need
  13. Austineer

    Airbag Replacement on S3 from 2002

    Leave it alone. New airbags are no longer available.
  14. Austineer

    TT mk2 steering wheel to fit a3

    Thanks.. it does, waiting on airbag cover to arrive, if the old airbag wire from both a 4 and 3 spoke wheel somewhere, wondered if I fitted that the horn would work then?
  15. Austineer

    TT mk2 steering wheel to fit a3

    hello, just bought a tt mk2 flatbottom wheel, I’d like too fit it too my 8l. It has no controls on the wheel, ( I didn’t want them) all I want is too know how to get the horn too work please. Air bag is not an issue, it’s got a cover on it, so going to resister. The light out! Just need to know...
  16. Austineer

    Rear window blind

    Both 3/5 door blinds are exactly the same
  17. Austineer


    I will be there, but sadly not with the a3. I will be taking my "80" cabrio, and in the cab/coupe stand
  18. Austineer

    A/c dryer removal and change

    Hello, have a a3 TDI Quattro 2002, a/c system requires regassing etc do also going too change the cartrage as recommended, how easy or hard it it, and what is involved please? Many thanks
  19. Austineer

    A Stereo upgrade for my 2002 S3 8L

    I'm looking for both front Bose speakers, as both are shot!