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  1. AlS3BE

    Rubber boot mat

    Hi folks I recently got a genuine a3 rubber boot mat for my s3 as I’m carrying a lot of dirty/muddy stuff from doing outdoors stuff with my son. It fits well but it covers up the hooking points for the luggage net. is this an s3 issue with the shallower boot or is there a different version of...
  2. AlS3BE

    Washing machinss

    Since we talk about cars mainly here so thought something different for you guys. Looking for recommendations for a washing machine as mine broke last week. Luckily I have 2 in my house but other one is small so can’t take big loads like bedding and stuff. want one that has good life...
  3. AlS3BE

    Custom charges

    Anyone else been stung by customs from ordering parts from Europe from companies like AUTODOC? I just got stung £90 for a £310 item.
  4. AlS3BE

    S3 exhaust tips

    Is there a guide to get the exhaust tips off? It’s awkward enough without a ramp but I’ve tried pulling, tapping with mallet and they don’t want to budge. dealer wants £75 to remove them :wink: trying to get them off to powder coat them as the chrome has pretty much all pitted and looks really...
  5. AlS3BE

    Place to buy parts

    Hi folks I’m looking for recommendations for places to buy parts specifically discs and pads for my s3. I know the usual ecp and autodoc but needing somewhere that will have quick delivery and choice of parts/brands including performance or oe equivalent. my go to is normally AUTODOC but a...
  6. AlS3BE

    Is it time to go electric?

    Just gauging some thoughts from you guys/gals out there. a couple of things going through my head at the moment. Costs. With current petrol and diesel prices going £2+ per litre by the summer is it time for a switch? It’s costing around 30p a mile , roughly 30mpg, in petrol and around £100 to...
  7. AlS3BE

    Extending Audi finance

    Hi folks So I’ve decided to keep my s3 and pay off the balloon payment. however I’ve been offered by Audi finance to extend the finance since they have no cars to sell. As part of the extended finance deal they have offered me 2 free services with it. my question is if I take out the extended...
  8. AlS3BE


    Hi folks Looking for some opinions. Thinking of servicing my s3 myself and doing the dsg and haldex service as well as the normal oil and filters since I have access to a ramp at my mates. Might need discs and pads all round as well. My question is, is it worth doing myself? Or paying someone...
  9. AlS3BE

    Surround sound

    Here’s one for you guys. I have a very good surround sound set up that I’m happy with but wanting to move it to another room. problem in the new room is it’s huge and hard wood floors and I don’t want to trek 20-30m of cables around the room along the skirting boards. is there a wireless unit...
  10. AlS3BE

    What have you moved on to

    I’m starting to look for a replacement for my facelift s3 black edition sportback pre-gpf model. I seem to have ran out of ideas what is a good replacement. I was at the dealership today and a basic s3 with a couple of options is coming in at £100 more per month. Which wasn’t too bad but feels...
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    Audi pcp finance

    Hi folks My pcp finance is about to end in the next few months and got a few questions. the balloon payment is around £17-18k and motorway it’s worth around £24-25k. problem is there’s not a huge amount of cars available so might keep it a while. Is it possible to refinance the balance with...
  12. AlS3BE

    For Sale PS5 Spider-Man miles morales

    Ps5 game, only used a handful of times and disc is in mint condition with no marks or scratches. £25 delivered or local pickup in Fife
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    Hi guys Got another weird one I’ve noticed. when the engine is cold like overnight I can see the coolant is more or less at the max line in the reservoir. After a drive and the car is warm the coolant drops to min line but once cooled it goes back up. move maybe topped up 100ml in the last...
  14. AlS3BE

    Engine cover

    Anyone got the part number for the missing rubber grommet for the s3 engine cover? thanks
  15. AlS3BE

    Sold A3/s3 alloys 18s

    Got another set of alloys for sale. these were recently refurbished and only had tyres on it for a month. No kerb marks. I originally bought these to use as winter wheels but never got round to mounting tyres on them. I’ve got 2 sets of wheels at the moment so depending which one sells I will...
  16. AlS3BE

    Sold A3/S3 8v wheels

    Looking to sell my genuine Audi winter set of wheels. Size 8x18 ET46 5x112 these were brand new when I got them and have only been on my car and used for 3 winters. Condition is very good with only a small nick in one of the wheels. Will be cleaned and sealed before sale. the tyres are Pirelli...
  17. AlS3BE

    Smart charging(not so smart)

    Quick questions for those with the skills. Currently not doing a huge amount of miles and the battery is hovering around 30-40% charge according to vcds and my mates battery tester. Battery tester says health of battery is 100%. even after an hour drive it’s not much more than 50%. the other...
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    Marshmallow insurance

    Has anyone in here used marshmallow insurance before? They seem to have the cheapest quite with lowest excess.
  19. AlS3BE

    Black round things

    Here’s an odd ones for you guys. I’m looking at a set of tyres for my dads old toyota rav4 and there’s so much choice. OE tyre is a 4x4 type tyre but it’s wet performance is pretty poor and pretty noisy. firstly there’s seems to be SUV tyres, 4x4 tyres and normal car tyres that’s comes in...
  20. AlS3BE

    Odd behaviour

    So my car was serviced last week and I’ve noticed a few things. First time I noticed this was when the mrs took the car out to the shops and came back then I took the car out about an hour or so later and when I started the car a plume of white-grey smoke was coming out the exhaust. Goes away...