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  1. brad9753

    Air Con problem Hot Air

    hi all, Just having a problem with my air con (2013 A3). A few weeks ago I turned it on for the first time in a while. The red light on the button would not come on. I assumed it the air con has was empty so I had it toped up. Turns out it was empty. The red light then came on as normal. After...
  2. brad9753

    Oil Change

    Hi All, I just got my first oil indicator warning appear (change oil within 30 days). I called Bristol Audi who quoted me £185, seems excessive! So I will shop around. Has anybody else had much cheaper from thier dealer? I will also look around at smaller garages I think. Also, I am going...
  3. brad9753

    How much can I expect for repair?

    Hi all, was in an unfamiliar and tight driveway earlier trying to get out. Unknowingly there are some rocks around the flowerbeds that are hard to see and I lightly bumped into one. Made a dent in the bumper. With some scratches in the paintwork. Light scraps. There are also dirt specs in the...
  4. brad9753

    Annoying Road Noise

    Lately, at certain speeds of around 50-60mph, and only at certain times, there is wind noise that seems to come from the passenger side door and the door at the back on the same side. I'm sure it has not always done this and was always pleased with the lack of road noise. I have checked the...
  5. brad9753

    Petrol consumption not as good within the first 2000 miles?

    When I picked up the car, I was told by the dealer to expect to refuel the car a little more often before the car is properly " run in ". Before this time the car will use more fuel and will not be as economical as it should. I thought this made sense. The dealer said it won't be a massive...
  6. brad9753

    Electric folding mirrors supposed to dip down when reversing?

    Says it all in the title really. I'm sure I read or heard somewhere that with the electric folding mirrors, the mirrors automatically dip when you reverse. Of am I just making this up? Would look in the Manuel but I am away from home at the moment.
  7. brad9753

    Album Artwork on MMI

    Hi All, collected my A3 today, love it! I received the red MMI cable for my iPhone and iPod- the one I understand shows album artwork. But when I play songs it shows the name and artist but not the artwork. It just shows the list of songs in that particular playlist. Anybody know how to make...
  8. brad9753

    Will the dealer attempt to sell me anything (hard sell if necessary)..?

    On my pick up date (and on the time they asked me to go in to sign off all remaining paperwork etc)? If so, what sorts of thing can I expect? Just so that I can do my research first. I did have their asset protection, but I then removed it because of how expensive it was compared to others out...
  9. brad9753

    What freebies do you try and get on or near collection day?

    I have already secured an Ipod lead and an Audi Leather key cover, but is there any other common freebies people get? I have heard a few people mention that oil is possible, because new cars absolutely drink it for the first few thousand miles?
  10. brad9753

    Build week date starts today..

    What can I expect timescale wise? Have not heard anything from the dealership yet. How long should it take to build, get ready to ship, ship over...etc etc etc.. based on peoples past experience? Also, off topic, I plan on doing no more than about 6000 miles a much can I expect the...
  11. brad9753

    How long will the car take once the build date starts to get to me?

    Originally I had a build date of start of July. I called up my salesman and said that If I booked a short break down south (where part of the point of it was to give it a good run- but don't tell the girlfriend that!!) on the 4th of September, is it a good bet that I will have it by then. He...
  12. brad9753

    When the 3 year period ends on your PCP deal..

    And you intend on chnging the car for a new one, how have people in the past (or intend to in the future) make sure that they get a good deal on the next car and a decent amount for the existing car to go towards some of the next deposit? Is it just me or does it seem that in this situation the...
  13. brad9753

    Air Conditioning fuel consumption and full drinking features

    For the first time this year, I was reminded how much my fuel gage falls when the air con is on. It's a 03 corsa, so I am assuming the technology has improved, has it?
  14. brad9753

    I'm already thinking ahead to the trade in and I haven't even got the car yet..!

    I have not got the car yet but I am still thinking about 3 years down the line when I come to get a new one and the finances behind it. I don't remember the name of the figure but I understand that this figure combined with the cars worth come the change over (and what they pay me for it) will...
  15. brad9753

    Selling my Car..Who do I need to inform? What forms need to be filled in?

    Hi All, I am selling my Corsa to a family member as soon as my Audi is ready to be picked up in a couple of months. The Corsa being my first car, I have never been though the selling car process. Who do I need to inform? What forms need to be completed? Thanks for your help!
  16. brad9753

    Does anybody have the "asset protection"?

    I guess it's not something that you know is worth while until it's needed but does anybody else have it? Is it popular or did I just fall for the Salesmen's bigging up of it? Thoughts?
  17. brad9753

    AutoGlym LifeShine protection

    Hi All, I had this option added. Or this is what it is called on my invoice, but it is basically some sort of coating to the paint and interior that adds extra shine and gives me some sort of guarantee on the paint work not fading etc. When the dealer suggested it, it sounded really good, but...
  18. brad9753

    Cleaning an Amalifi White Audi?

    Hi All, Just wanted to know some brands and substances that people use or recommend to clean this coloured Audi? Including a good alloy cleaner. I have seen a few photos of alloys here, covered in a purple-ish foam, any idea what this may be?
  19. brad9753

    Interior Lights in Xenon Light Package

    Does anybody have any photos? I have them ordered it but I have never seen them in action, was just hoping they look good. So any photos or general thoughts would be good.
  20. brad9753

    Will my order no longer be a 63 Plate?

    When I ordered my Audi, I asked for it to be out for the 63 plates. In September. My first build week was week 31. This would work because I would have the car in September. But I have just received an update that my build week is now 8th-14th July- week 28. The text said the car will be...