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  1. Austineer

    A3 tdi Quattro owners?

    Anyone on here own one of these rare beasts? Iv owned two, still own one. Set up a Facebook group just for the 8l versions of anyone interested Audi a3 tdi 8l owners... Hope too see your cars or former ones.
  2. Austineer

    TT mk2 steering wheel to fit a3

    hello, just bought a tt mk2 flatbottom wheel, I’d like too fit it too my 8l. It has no controls on the wheel, ( I didn’t want them) all I want is too know how to get the horn too work please. Air bag is not an issue, it’s got a cover on it, so going to resister. The light out! Just need to know...
  3. Austineer

    A/c dryer removal and change

    Hello, have a a3 TDI Quattro 2002, a/c system requires regassing etc do also going too change the cartrage as recommended, how easy or hard it it, and what is involved please? Many thanks
  4. Austineer

    A3 tdi (8l) Quattro

    After many years of searching for the car iv wanted iv finally own one... In had a3s of the last 14 years, my present one 10, but have always wanted the Quattro. looking at various sites off and on for the last four years or so without much luck, been too see a few, that turned out dogs or...
  5. Austineer

    Hello From Cardiff..... 2

    Hi all, for some reason cant get into my old account... YES GARETH IT WAS ME LOL. The a35 tucked away till next month, will see you about for sure, its an old pic of the cab and A35 together, nut sussed how too up load from the iphone as yet! Maybe some of you know me as the Founder of the...
  6. Austineer

    Audi "80" Cab/Coupe Enthusiasts

    Hello All, hopefully most of the owners for the above may have heard of this facebook group? now reaching 1,800 members, owners and those who enjoy them, there is a spares section for parts also, too help in thouse harder to find parts. lots of good advice iv found on there also myself, so...
  7. Austineer

    Audi "80" cab / coupe Enthusiasts Group on facebook

    Hi, just a plug on a new GROUP on the dreaded facebook, for who ever is on there who owns these cars, please feel free to join and show us your cars.... the old PAGE will soon be no more!
  8. Austineer

    Audi A4 1.8T Quattro Sport for sale

    Guys, after months of realising that I actually need a bigger car I am now selling my pride and joy. So here it is:- Audi A4 1.8 Turbo Quattro Sport Registered October 1999, 78,500 miles, 5 Speed Manual, Silver, Black Half Leather Recarro Sports Interior with Electric Lumber Adjustment...
  9. Austineer

    Any Welsh meets planned?

    Guys, Just wondered if there were any Welsh meets planned in the near future. I am particularily interested due to the fact that I am looking to sell my car and would really prefer it to go to an enthusiast rather than Joe public.
  10. Austineer

    Just test drove a Mondeo ST220 & ST TDCI

    Guys, After realising that I am need of a larger car I particularily wanted a hatchback rather than a larger saloon, so I decided to take a closer look at the Mondeo ST220 & ST TDCI. I test drove the both of them, of which they were both 9 months old had 9K on the clock and up for £15995...
  11. Austineer

    How much do you think my car is worth?

    Guys, Although I love her to bits I have unfortunately realised that my car is just too small fo my personal needs. I regualrily lift share to work (1 hr 15 min drive each way) of which when someone is behind me I have move my seat forward to allow for this, of which is ****** uncomfortable...
  12. Austineer

    Disappearing M5 review

    Guys, I am a little disappointed to see that I spent over 40 mins yesturday writing a review on an M5 that I tests drove on suday and realised that it seemed to disappear from the posting about a minute later. I am not sure whether I can be bother to spend another 40 mins of my time typing it...
  13. Austineer

    N249 Valve

    Guys, Do any of you know where the N249 valve is located on the A4? Or does anyone know where to get a schematic of the engine & turbo system? Any help would be appreciated as I am now suspecting a N249 fault maybe causing my boost problems.
  14. Austineer

    S4 Handling

    Guys, After recently taking a E46 M3 out for a test drive I was wondering the handling is like on the S4. I am still waiting for one to come up a little closer to me so that I can take it for a test drive, but they are alot rarer than the BMW so will have to wait. However I have a few...
  15. Austineer

    Just Test Drove a M3

    Guys, After ages of reading reviews and admiring them from a far I thought sod it I am going to see what they are like to drive. So onto the car:- £25,000's worth of 2002 black BMW M3, Manual 18" rims, black leather. Looks:- External - as I expected because I have seen quite alot of these...
  16. Austineer

    Boost Leak

    Guys, I have developed a major boost leak over the weekend and still havent totally fixed it. On Friday my car would only boost to about 8-9 psi (normaly 15-16 psi) and all I can hear is air gushing from under the bonet and I dont know where its comming from. On first inspection I took a few...
  17. Austineer

    Vacuum caused turbo & brake servo problems

    Guys, I have finaly decided there is something definately wrong with my car. After driving home yest having a bit of a play I was thinking to myself 'this doesn't feel like anything over 200 bhp' and yet as stated on my previous post I had full boost (1.0 bar) indicated on my gauge. However...
  18. Austineer

    Just Test Drove a S3

    Guys, I saw a 2000 210bhp based S3 advertised locally to me on friday and thought why not go for a test drive and see what its like. After seeing me pull up in my own car realising that I wasnt just some spotty 17 year old kid, the salemans actually let me take it out on my own for a 45 min...
  19. Austineer

    Limp Mode

    Gents, I have a few questions regarding the ECU limp mode as I think my car has been subjected to this on a few occations. This seems to be happening on random occasions i.e. both playing with the N75 & doing nothing at all to the car and its really annoying. The main symptoms which I...
  20. Austineer

    Turbo Intake Pipes

    Guys, I am interested in getting a Samco Turbo Intake Pipe (TIP). However after speaking to one of the guys at forge I was informed that Samco didnt produce one for my engine code (AJL). To be honest I was under the assumption that all the TIP's for the 1.8T B5's would be the same reguardless...