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  1. [Dave B]

    GTI Inters 2011 guest list :) (for use of adding names only NOT discussions)

    1. Byzan A4 & Purple princess(Mark & Stacey)Sat&Sun inc camping. Black A4 (if its done by then ) 2. CHRIS555 Sat/Sun - Audi A4 B6 Convertible - I will be camping over (and bringing my own bottle to pee in as the toilets last year were disgusting!!) 3. Speedy Steve and GF Sam for both days Not...
  2. [Dave B]


    1. Lee Goodall (A4, B5, 1.8 SET) 2. Mark Hopkins (S3, 8L, 1.8 T) 3. Byzan A4 (A4 TQS in the second fastest colour) 4. Purple Princess (A4 TQS Spot the simularity ^^) 5. dan 1973 (a3 8l tdi) 6. Benskin07 (A3 8P) 7. FactionOne & Ming Blue (Car make and model TBA) 8. tufftybloke (S3 8L) 9...
  3. [Dave B]

    Rolling Road @ Awesome *RESULTS*

    On the rollers: The results: Overall i'm pretty pleased, especially with the torque figure! The whp figures are close to Jabba's results so that suggests they're reasonably accurate - or they're both inaccurate ;) . It was nice to meet everyone, and thanks to Sitrials for the...
  4. [Dave B]

    Rolling Road Session Fri 8th March

    I'll be at birch services at 8.30 too :)
  5. [Dave B]

    Rolling Road Session - Awesome GTI

    Aky, you have PM.
  6. [Dave B]

    Yorkshire Meet anyone? Ideas?

    Put my name down :)
  7. [Dave B]

    Northwest Meet 31st Oct

    Sorry I missed out yesterday guys, am having a nightmare time at work at the moment!
  8. [Dave B]

    Our 1st North West meet

    Sat or Sun for me....and anything but the 10th is good as I have a wedding doo the night before ....and not mine i might like to add!
  9. [Dave B]

    Our 1st North West meet

    [ QUOTE ] Black S3 said: I spotted you plate so had to park as close as possible. I'm suppriesed I didn't see you, we called in Morgan too... And by eye candy, I assume you are refering to the missus trying things on [/ QUOTE ] ...of course! whatever else would I mean
  10. [Dave B]

    Our 1st North West meet

    LOL I thought it was you parked just in front of me!! the plate gave it away!...and in answer to you question, no I didn't. The missus was doing the shopping, but it least I got to accompany her into Morgan ooooooo the eye candy
  11. [Dave B]

    Our 1st North West meet

    I'd be up for another in October...
  12. [Dave B]

    Our 1st North West meet

    Yeah a good meet I thought! Sorry I had to shoot off earlier than expected (oo errr)...I agree it should be more of a regular thing, but i'll make sure I wash mine next time!! Thanks again for the run Jimbo, she's an impressive motor....I'll be booking myself in at Awesome in the coming weeks...
  13. [Dave B]

    North West Meet - Sat 4th Sept 1pm

    I'm on my way there now!
  14. [Dave B]

    North West meets ? ? ?

    We could do with putting a list up of attendee's, Jimbo?
  15. [Dave B]

    North West meets ? ? ?

    [ QUOTE ] jimboA3 said: no probs mate ! [/ QUOTE ] Excellent, cheers Jimbo!
  16. [Dave B]

    North West meets ? ? ?

    I'm really looking to see what difference chipping makes to the 150bhp lump but i'd be very interested if you were happy to take me for a spin to see what she's like?
  17. [Dave B]

    North West meets ? ? ?

    ....might just get time to give it a quick wash first
  18. [Dave B]

    North West meets ? ? ?

    1pm is good for me, so you can count me in!
  19. [Dave B]

    North West meets ? ? ?

    [ QUOTE ] pure said: I vote Jimbo to organise both :P [/ QUOTE ] You've got my vote jimbo
  20. [Dave B]

    Club GTI Ragley Hall Mega Meet 2004

    If there are a few other A3's in attendance then i'll come to this...