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  1. Jabba46

    1st Service

    S3 is in for its first oil service! Long list of S/W updates to be done as well! All will be ok.
  2. Jabba46

    Audi service charges.

    Booked my S3 in for a 12 month oil change service today. Exeter Audi quoted me £300 + vat to change the oil and oil filter, £175 + vat is for an hours labour. Rip off artists.
  3. Jabba46

    S3 road tax

    Hi, Just received my road tax renewal for my 2021 S3, £450! Is this right? thanks.
  4. Jabba46

    MMI reboot

    I’ve been on 3 long distance trips recently in my S3, after about 2-3 hours on the road the MMI reboots in mid flight. Switches off and restarts to continue where it left off, even the song that was playing continues as if nothing happened. The navigation continues to work on the dash. Has...
  5. Jabba46

    Satellite view no longer supported.

    Spoke to my Audi Salesman this morning and he informed me that Audi are no longer subscribing to Google Maps and will therefore no longer have the satellite view. I liked that option and my car has now reverted to the traditional map view. I think it extremely cheeky of Audi to remove a feature...
  6. Jabba46

    “Vehicle Status could not be retrieved”

    Morning, this week my app decided not to retrieve data from the car, very annoying. I’ve also noticed that the radio station graphics have disappeared, even more annoying. any suggestions, seems like the data connection for the car may be lost? thanks.
  7. Jabba46

    Plastic wheel nut covers.

    Just noticed that I have a few plastic wheel nut covers missing. They are a very loose fit. Any suggestions on replacements, should I go genuine or are there decent after market ones. Thanks.
  8. Jabba46

    Functions on demand.

    Does anyone know when the functions on demand will actually have items in the “shop” and want Audi will be offering?
  9. Jabba46

    Parking sensor warning

    Occasionally when I start the car I get a parking sensor warning. Says that the sensors cannot detect objects. Then as soon as it appears it disappears again and all is well. Does anyone else have this problem? thanks.
  10. Jabba46

    Wireless Charging Upgrade

    Morning, New here, recently took delivery of my Navarra Blue S3 with 19” Trapezoid rims. I’d like to know if anyone has found an aftermarket wireless charging mat/holder that will fit into the space provided and plug into the mini USB ports. Thank you.