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    My new ride: 3.0TDI Quattro Avant

    I got an almost identical car a few months back. Literally the only difference is s-tronic and white. Superb car. I used to have a B6 and blocked off the EGR, is that possible on these or not advised?
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    Newbie - I’ve missed my Quattro

    Just picked up a 2011 3.0TDI Quattro Avant and could not be more pleased to be back in a proper car. I had a B6 QS Avant (ake) and took it up to 210k miles. Best £ for £ car I’ve ever owned. I’m a fastidious owner and there were a few issues looming that meant it was uneconomical to maintain...
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    What do i do?

    I'm in exactly the same position. My 2.5tdi is on 205k with a documented history including 19 oil changes and 5 cambelts but there's a few rust patches appearing which winds me up. Can I justify spending more than it's worth? Probably not.
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    Are most of the B6'ers moving on now? What did you go for?

    I've recently been through this dilemma as my timing belt was due and on a 51'plate car with 202,000. It's a 2.5tdi so a pricey job that Adamms24 did for me but still 1/3rds the cars value. I had some agonising decisions. 330ci, B7 S4 would have been my next move if I made it but the old girl...
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    Replacement Front Wings

    I got a pre painted one off eBay. Perfect fit and colour match for £90. I wish I could find the same seller as the other side needs doing.
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    Sticky up door handles

    First up. Happy New Year everyone. Now I know this might seem really trivial but 2 door handles on my avant have started sticking up / not closing on their own. It's so annoying. I've sprayed some WD40 into them but it's made no difference. Any ideas or similar experiences and how did you...
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    If your Audi died today what would you buy next?

    I've been waiting years for my Audi to die. I can't justify getting rid of it, or abusing it into the ground as it's been so good to me. When the time comes it will be a B7 S4 Avant or a C6 S6 Avant if my B6 keeps going long enough. Mine's 14yrs old with 197k so i'd only get pennies for it...
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    I am thinking of getting the V6 2.5TDi Quattro ...

    Do you have a link to the car? The questions I'd be asking are whether it's been on long-life servicing and what expensive bits have been done and when (clutch, belt, pump etc). Mines on 197k at the moment and is honestly unbelievable.
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    That will be my vet.......I'm pretty sure I've bought it for him! Was the reg **56 VET?
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    New Member B6 Audi A4 Niggles - Help Required

    Hi. I've had the same car for 4 years and there's much more knowledgable people than me on here who will hopefully help out. Starting issues.....I get the White smoke and have done for 4 years. New glow plugs, battery, CTS, stat etc all done. I've just learned to live with it as there's no...
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    195K on my 2001 2.5 TDI QS and it's just sailed through its MOT again today
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    new 2004 3.2 v6 owner

    Hi Loque. I'd be really interested in those links you mentioned in the opening post mate. I've just started researching the 3.2 to replace my A4 Avant and those points you mentioned would be a great help. Common faults on the 3.2 don't seem to feature too much on here which I hope is a good sign.
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    Plug ugly A4 quattro

    I'd rather suck the goodness out of a tramps pants than be seen driving that.
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    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    Mr Muscle'd my turbo. Noticeable results again. About 2 years since I last did it.
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    If you had 2k to play with....

    Gearbox & diff oils if they've not been done? Purely precautionary but worth doing if your keeping it IMO. Also 4 wheel alignment on a proper system. Kwik Fit did mine, noticeable difference.
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    S4 - Timing chain................snapped

    Sorry for the thread hijack Nickb834 and even sorrier for the crappy news mate. Have you managed to recover much through breaking?
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    S4 - Timing chain................snapped

    Cheers mate. I'm keeping my eye out for my perfect S4 comes up. When it does it will be impeccably maintained and a keeper.
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    S4 - Timing chain................snapped

    so I understand it the B7's are a little less prone due to slightly harder plastics and fitting a pre-oiler system prevents further wear to the point where it goes bang, is this right? If this is the case I assume it would make sense to aim for a B7 with a top quality history...
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    New drivers side wing.

    I got one for mine recently but from a different e-bay seller. Fit is perfect. I was fed up of looking at the rusty arch but not fed up enough to pay for a genuine panel and blending job on a car that is not showroom condition. Just not worth it in my opinion, but then I'm not as fussy as others.
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    who has the biggest mileage a4?

    193,270 on mine today when I filled up. I've seen other threads with people over 300k