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    What tyres are everyone using on there Quattro black editions as I'm needing some new boots for mine and can' push the budget to 4 new Pirelli....
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    Reverse camera

    Hi all Can you retro fit a reverse camera to a 2014 black edition is the loom there in the tail gate ??? Thanks
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    Panoramic roof

    Am I right in thinking that the panoramic roof will run the air conditioning in the car ???
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    Q7 Bose

    Hi Can anyone tell me If a 2007 q7 has the bose surround sound system what mmi version will it have Thanks
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    I changed the centre bearing on the propshaft of my a6 3.0tdi avant and I forgot to mark both sides (I KNOW COMPLETE ****) is there anyway of knowing how it should of lined up if not Does anyone know if the manual and auto props on a 07 a6 c6 3.0tdi avant are the same size in length Thanks
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    Q7 ABT q7

    Hi all I'm thinking about getting a abt q7 can anyone tell me if the come with a remap from the factory and anything else from factory Thanks
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    Thinking of a change

    Hi all...I have a a6c6 lemans avant at the min and love it but think of changing to a c7 3.0tdi avant sline and wandered what to look out for when buying one do they suffer with the swirl flaps still Any info much appreciated
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    Hi all I came out earlyer and went to start the car .. 3.0 tdi and it took around 8 turns to fire up it is low on fuel computer says 20 miles in tank would that cause it
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    Diff ratios

    Hi Are all a6 c6 3.0 tdi quatto 6 speed manuals the same ratios i need a new rear diff as the bearing are shot in mine . mines an 07 lemans avant Thanks
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    Swerl flap delete

    Hi all Has anyone had a swirl flap delete on a 3.0tdi just wondered if theres any downsides to having it done. Also having stage 1 remap as well....
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    Rear springs

    Hi all Is there a thread on here on how to change the rear shocks on an a6 avant sline lemans Thanks
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    Duel mass

    Hi all Can anyone tell me What the tell tell signs of a duel mass on it way out on a c6 3. 0 tdi 6 speed Thanks
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    Hi all Can anyone recommend shocks and springs for the rear of an avant lemans as mine are shot and what the towing stats are for the 3.0 tdi avant lemans 07 plate Thanks
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    Hi all Can anyone tell me if a 07 3.0 lemans manual will have a heldex rear diff or not ??
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    cam chain tentioner

    Hi Does any one know if you Can you change the top two tentioners on a 3.0tdi with the gearbox out Thanks
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    Hi all Does anyone know if all 6 speed quattro manual gearboxs are the same gear ratios ???? Thanks
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    new bearings

    Hi Has anyone on here ever replaced the front diff bearings on a 6 speed quattro manual gearbox a6 c6 ???? Thanks
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    quattro 6sp manual

    Hi all Has any one on here ever changed the front diff bearings on a quattro lemans .I have a wheel bearing noise on my car and thought it was that but had it on a 2 poster the weekend and I ran into up and the front diff is really noisy if you put a screwdriver on it you can't put yr ear on...
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    Hi all If I fit hid' to my car( has halogen at the moment) will I need to plug into it to change the light setting to hid or will it work fine andwith no bulb out warning light.i fitted a pair of led bulbs but there crap so need to do something. ... Thanks
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    engine mount ???

    Hi all I need to get a new or second hand mount I'm wondering what the differences in the part numbers as they have different letters after the numbers but they all look the same ???? Thanks