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    S8 windscreen

    £600 My insurance are sorting it, so hopefully I only have the excess to pay ! Anybody confirm or deny this price ? Paul
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    A8 W12 in EVO

    new front end - looks nice. 6.0 litres 450bhp 428 lb ft 0-60 in 5.2 0-124 in 17.4 0-155 just over 30 secs ! £83,000 There is also mention in the article of an RS8 with a guess of 600bhp !! I know what I'm buying when I win the lottery Paul
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    Window tinting

    i thought I'd start a new thread as people have mentioned this subject in a couple of posts. Which windows are you guys having tinted and by whom ? How much does it cost ? I've thought about it recently, as it'd be pretty useful with my little one sat in the back, then I can get rid of the...
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    A/S8 rear blinds

    Rang the dealer today to enquire about getting a set of the manual blinds that fit in the rear doors, for when my daughters in residence. My jaw hit the floor when he rang me back to tell me how much they were including fitting. One thousand punds !!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll get the 8 quid teletubby...
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    Picked it up today :)

    I finally got to pick the S8 up today after painful days of waiting, and all I can say is fantastic. It has absolutely everything we wanted from a family car I almost scared myself when I floored it on the way home It's nearly as fast as my P1 was, handles fantastically for a big car, and...
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    Hello from another noob

    Just thought I'd say hello. I've just signed my life away after spending 4 years driving subarus impreza's. Time for some civilised family car driving I pick up my S8 on Saturday. Hope it fits my daughter and all her stuff in ! cheers Paul
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    Greetings :) I finally bought one !

    Hello to all - Thought I could finally put up my first post now after buying my Audi (not got it just yet though) I needed a family car and my Subaru Impreza P1 didn't quite meet with requirements. Been looking at A8's for a year, but drove a 51 plate S8 on Saturday and fell in love Bought...