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    Allroad oil pressure warning on

    Hi would an pressure test had an allroad with similar problem turned out sealant used to put sump on had a bit much put on at the factory resulting in a bead of sealant left inside the sump which in time detaches block pick up pipe K
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    Ignition Switch

    Hi when changing ignition switch no need to reprogram keys as the reader coil is on the ignition barrel but you can also change the barrel with out reprograming keys as it only reads the transponder code K
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    power windows and sunroof inoperable

    Hi the same relay is used for both windows and sunroof it is located in footwell looks like double relay if you take the cover off the relay you will find a broken solder joint which once resoldered will work perfectly saving £80 K
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    I have driven a few cars with dual system s3 and a4 130pd excellent can be found at was designed by geoff everett founder amd