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  1. MattyV5

    AVS Servicing - Post your quotes and dealers here.

    Just had my service with a company called 'First Call' who are a German Car specialist based in Nailsea nr Bristol. Fantastic service, collected my car and delivered it back, washed and vacuumed. It was major service for £199 + V.A.T. I have a 2.0 TDi 2004 on 129K miles. Can't praise them...
  2. MattyV5

    A3 Airbag Module and Slip Ring Price?

    Seriously that much?! I'll put them in the classifieds for a bit then before Ebaying them. Thanks Boydie. Matty
  3. MattyV5

    A3 Airbag Module and Slip Ring Price?

    Hi, A while ago I bought the module and Slip Ring to allow me to fit an 8P2 wheel to my 8P1 but can't afford to now so need to sell. What are they worth? Slipring - 1K0 959 653 D Module - 1K0 953 549 F Thanks Matty
  4. MattyV5

    2nd Cambelt change

    Hi All, My A3 2.0 TDi 2004 had it's Cambelt change at 80,000 miles. When is it due again? Thanks Matty
  5. MattyV5

    A3 handling

    I have a sport. It's ok. but nothing has compared to my 53 plate focus!! not even when I had a MK4 Golf V5 on coilovers! I do miss the focus still.....
  6. MattyV5

    Steering wheel

  7. MattyV5

    Steering wheel

    Thought so. Just checking......
  8. MattyV5

    Steering wheel

    or are they forgetting the Sportback, with facelift wheel, was made from 2004 54?
  9. MattyV5

    Steering wheel

    I'm confused. So an 8p steering wheel upto 06 was single stage airbag??? I thought all the facelift wheels were dual stage??
  10. MattyV5

    New Steering Wheel Required

    I can safely say that there would be some serious beer money in it for you if you could get it to work!:beerchug:
  11. MattyV5

    New Steering Wheel Required

    Does anyone know what stage the Golf Mk5 airbag system is and whether you could get a MK5 wheel to fit an A3 8p1 (with old style wheel) ??
  12. MattyV5

    New Steering Wheel Required

    Thanks for those, this mod is officially off my list of things to do now!
  13. MattyV5

    New Steering Wheel Required

    I know!!!! Wouldn't this invalidate any insurance?
  14. MattyV5

    New Steering Wheel Required

    Wow, I have been reading topics about this mod for months and months and have never seen this mentioned anywhere!! Damn, this was next on my list of mods....
  15. MattyV5

    New Steering Wheel Required

    I have never heard about this single stage double stage airbag system??? I was under the impression fitting an 8p2 wheel to an 8p1 car was simple? Just need wheel, airbag, slip ring and module and some coding???
  16. MattyV5

    Parking Sensors not working??

    Mine is doing this now!!! Did you manage to fix it?? Thanks Matty
  17. MattyV5

    TTS Air vents

    Do the MK1 TT vents fit the A3?
  18. MattyV5

    A3 - S3 transformation (long...)

    has it been lowered yet??? New pics???
  19. MattyV5

    Armrest - Phone and Nut Q.

    Hi mate, yeah it's still holding strong. You could go for a longer bolt so u can get a nut on the bottom but just the bolt has worked fine for me. Thanks matty