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  1. gianton

    A4 B6 2.5 TDI Quattro suspension

    Hi, A friend of mine owns an A4 '04 2.5 TDI Quattro Tiptronic station wagon with the lowered sport suspension as pre installed by the factory. He wants to change the suspension to the normal higher one as he wants higher clearance from the ground. Is this possible? If yes which set should he...
  2. gianton

    1st VCDS scan, help needed.

    Hello, Performed my 1st VCDS scan today, a lot of faults detected. Could you please advise what is the meaning of each fault and which are the ones to be worried about? Thanks very much in advance, Antonis Tuesday,12,April,2016,16:11:34:05031 VIN: License Plate: Mileage...