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    Bose front speakers

    Having a problem with one of my front passenger speaker anyone have one for sale? cheers
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    Part number needed for a turbo

    Done a search but not had any part numbers come up, can anyone get me the part number for a k04-001 turbo? many thanks.
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    Head needed for test fit of custom manifold

    I have another equal lenght manifold to test and seeing as I have just put my car back together I wondered if anyone local to me(Bracknell, Berkshire) Had a head sitting in there garage I could test fit this manifold to? Cheers Jason
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    Cost of Hybrid turbos,Why so much?

    It may just be me, but to have the standard K04 made into a hybrid seams very expensive almost a grand by most tuners, that sounds very steep considering you can by a brand new GT28R for £600 ( No exchange) which is what I put on My old RS2000 4x4. Why is it so expensive? Maybe a tuner can...
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    FTAO Themanthatcan

    You can have my standard cats if yours are blocked, as I no longer need them. I'm in Bracknell jct3 M3.
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    3"downpipe and 200cell sports cat

    Ok my last post didn't go too well due to me over reacting to some replys, sorry but my car has been off the road developing this stuff at a good price and it was getting frustrating driving the diesel estate! Anyway the manifolds are still in progress as i'm not happy with the flow. The down...
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    My new S3 grill.

    what do you think, keep the surround chrome or paint it black? The car is black.
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    What grill trim is this A3 or S3? Many thanks!!!
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    Pic of new S3 manifold for standard turbo.

    What do you think? I will be fitting it shortly. Almost equal lenght primarys along with much better flow, so should work quite well. Its going on a car that has the follwing mods, Big intercooler( done by myself universal parts...
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    Big intercooler fitted,but have a question?

    I have fitted my big intercooler, but wanted to know if anyone else who has done this has removed the lower intercooler link pipe(the one that joins the 2 standard ones together) as it looks like it might be structual owing to the braces on it. don't want to leave it there if its not needed. Thanks.
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    18" RS4 rep's

    My wheels are up for sale in the classified section, what could I expect for them? Cheers (no idea what these go for)
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    Up-rated manifold for K04

    Any ideas where I could get one? i have ordered a pipeworx downpipe and 200 cell sports cat and don't want to spend £3000 on a big turbo kit so I need a manifold to go with my hybrid turbo.
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    S3 £5500

    Please use the classifieds for all wanted/forsale ads Thanks ASN
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    Car mapped by VAGCHECK

    Well it's been done! I'm very impressed with the service from Morgan, A health check was done on the car first running through any logged errors and apart from silly things like alarm errors the only big thing to show up was haldex ecu problems, which Morgan pointed out 99% of the time means new...
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    RS4 reps for standard rims

    I have RS4 rep's the ones with about 10 spokes,with yokohama tyres in very good condition, looking for very good condition standard wheels with good matching tyres for a swap.
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    Why should i go for Vagcheck.

    I'm looking at getting my car re-mapped, the last S3 I had was supperchipped with good results and a good price of £349 but now the price is £499, Now I have my name down on a group buy at Vagcheck but don't mind paying the normal price of £349 as the car is so slow compared to my Focus st I...
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    Face lift rear lights for old!

    Anyone want to swap their old style rear lights for my facelift ones? I;m based in Berkshire.
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    How long should a clutch last?

    I wondered how long a clutch should last as my car is now at 114,000 miles, looking back through the history and there is a lot! it doesn't appear to have been done. What do you think, still on the original clutch at 114,000miles?
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    pollen filter cover, should i have one?

    Should the pollen filter have a cover over it, as i had some water come into the foot well whilst in the car wash, I've lifted the flap by the wiper panel and you can clearly see the filter just thought there should be a cover over it?