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    So many scratches

    I wouldn't use a brush to wash a car. Can you describe what you're using? I hope it's not one of those that attach to a hose.
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    Snowfoam opinions

    Good to know, my snow foam only lightly coloured
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    Show Us Your Snow Foam Pics

    Is that snow foam or shaving foam
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    Spoiler adhesive

    I've been buying a lip spoiler for my boot which will be bonded onto the car. If I come to sell the car then I would ideally like the option of removing this although it's not massively important if it can't be removed as it's not huge. Does anyone know of a suitable adhesive which can be...
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    Best Tyre Dressing

    I use the poor boys one. I like things to look standard but shiny tyres look great in the sun
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    Best Tyre Dressing

    People complain about tyre gel going up the side of the car but it's often down to people not drying the tyre first so the water flicks up. If you can then leave the car a while for them to dry before applying. I usually give them a quick wipe round with a bit of kitchen roll first.
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    Show Us Your Beading Shots

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    (HELP/ADVICE) - Stone chips and scratches

    The bumper looks unusual. Has it been painted before?
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    cleaning "alcantara"?

    I believe Clint Eastwood was decent at getting out of Alcatraz
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    Must Have Products to Detail New Car

    I'd recommend some water to go with that hose too
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    Demon shine

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    Demon shine

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    Demon shine

    Just been to buy one of these, not bad for £12
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    Wheeler dealers

    They must just rent that garage then do the work on different cars all at the same time. There's no way Ed can finish a car in 1 day, sometimes they're waiting on parts yet he never gets changed.
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    Tool for removing badges

    im sure there are plenty of tools available but I stumbled across one last night. I'd had a parcel delivered and it had those plastic straps around the outside that you cut off. I slid one of those behind the badge, pulled, off the badge came. They're very strong and cause no damage as they...
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    Recommend me a car vacuum.

    I bought one of those Karcher ones for the garage so i wasn't dragging the Dyson out. It's good for the money, had it 18 month with no problems and picks up well. I'm sure there are better vacuum cleaners out there but not for under £30. Only slight niggle is that mine doesn't have a self...