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  1. Liquidfusion-S3


    It's time to bid farewell and say thanks to many of you as I have now sold my beloved stallion S3, will now be riding my wife's donkey of a Yaris..... It's been great on this forum, with all the laughter and giggles! If anyone is interested I am also selling my VCDS cable, have a look...
  2. Liquidfusion-S3

    Beware Of The Petrol & Rings Roadside Scam! UK Footage

    This isn't my video, thought I'd just share as it popped up on my recommended youtube video list lol
  3. Liquidfusion-S3

    Locking car with second key while primary key inserted?

    Not at home at the moment to test this but is it possible to lock the car with the second key while the car electrics is on with the primary key inserted? Reason I ask is because I would like to update my sat nav maps but don't want to sit in the car for 30 minutes - 1 hour waiting for it to...
  4. Liquidfusion-S3

    MMi SatNav Waypoints

    Does anyone know how to set a specific route on the Sat Nav? For example, I'm travelling from London to Ashford Outlet and the route it always selects is M20 exit junction 9 through the town then into the outlet, but I would rather go via M20 exit junction 10 avoiding the town and into the...
  5. Liquidfusion-S3

    Not long before.....

    ....this happens to an Audi with wireless keys
  6. Liquidfusion-S3

    Tyre puncture, replacement

    Guys, one of my tyres has a nail in it and I've taken it to a garage who says it can't be repaired as it's too far out. It's a slow puncture and I can hear is quietly hiss. Looking to get it replaced but need to know if it has to be the exact same one on the opposite side Mine are: 235/35R19...
  7. Liquidfusion-S3

    Oil change query

    So I've only done about 2500 miles and it's coming up to a year, the dash says 'oil change in 28 days' or something along those lines.... Am I meant to do what it says or can it be postponed for another 6 months/1 year? I'm the occasional driver as you can tell by my mileage so any suggestions?
  8. Liquidfusion-S3

    Air con problem

    Guys, only had my new car for 5 months and it's done less than 1000 miles on the clock however the aircon isn't cold anymore even when I turn it all the way down. What's the best way to go abouts getting this fixed? I went onto the Audi website and they want £60 alone just to 'look' at it...
  9. Liquidfusion-S3

    Saloon boot supported weight?

    Anyone know how much weight the saloon boot liner/floor can hold? Planning to pick up some tile adhesive which will weight approx 5 x 20kg (100kg). Any chance it will hold?
  10. Liquidfusion-S3

    Latch under glovebox/foot rest?

    I know there's plenty of threads about rattles so I won't go into that, however my car has some how developed a rattle from somewhere near the passenger side! I was feeling around the trims and stuck my hand under some sort of hole/latch under the glovebox in the passenger footrest and now it's...
  11. Liquidfusion-S3

    Underside of car picture request

    Does anyone have a picture of the underside of the car? A3/S3 8V Would just like to see what's under there out of curiosity
  12. Liquidfusion-S3

    Fun News Didn't realise the A1 had that much space :D
  13. Liquidfusion-S3

    Rust on Rotors

    New car only 200 miles, but have rust on the outer edgers of the rotor where the brake pad should meet and scrub off but doesn't. About 1 inch of rust lines, seems as if brakes aren't making full contact. Too early and have to wait for brakes to bed or have to manually bed brakes? (60-5mph...
  14. Liquidfusion-S3

    New car run in procedure

    So it's only been 10 days since I picked up the car and haven't driven too much of it, have only done 200 miles since then being very careful. Couple of things I've taken note from the forum which is a good idea 1) Keep car in efficiency mode which keeps rev below 2000rpm 2) Brake in period...
  15. Liquidfusion-S3

    Bad Parking Those A5 boys give us Audi drivers a bad rep lol
  16. Liquidfusion-S3

    Bad Photography

    Someone at Bristol Audi not getting paid enough to do their job properly?
  17. Liquidfusion-S3

    EU Plates

    Still got 2 weeks before collecting mine, yay or nay!?
  18. Liquidfusion-S3

    AMI power output?

    Does anyone know what the AMI power output is? If it can charge a phone I assume it has a power output limit. I bought a male use to dual female usb splitter to connect power both a tomtom and dash cam so wondering if the AMI lets out enough juice. Will be using the dealers provided Ami to...
  19. Liquidfusion-S3

    New '15 reg, DVLA/Insurance database

    How long before does the DVLA/Insurance database take to update with the new '15 reg plates that are given out? Now that I have been assigned one, I don't see it on any insurers database (obviously too early) but how close to the 1st March will their database update before I can search around...
  20. Liquidfusion-S3

    Arm rest question (USB)

    Does anyone know what connections are inside the arm rest, is it a USB and MMI? Anyone tried a USB splitter to see if it can take 2 or 3 usb devices at once? Something like this maybe? or this Would it be enough to power a tomtom and a dashcam?