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  1. S3_Jacko

    TT RS pins and shims?

    Hey all.. Got Brembo 4 pots and the don't have pins and shims.. Also got Ferodo ds2500 pads and none with them either.. Any idea where I can get these from? I've no got a clue? Cheers
  2. S3_Jacko

    Opinions on 2+ running for 20k

    Looking into a car for a mate and its currently on 42k miles... Was tuned to 2+ at 20k miles.. Potentially do you think its a good idea to purchase a car thats been running 2+ for so long or is there no real issues.. Except for maybe the cam follower... The car has not been viewed yet.. Just...
  3. S3_Jacko

    Wheel fitment question

    Hola amigos.. Anybody running 225/35/19, 8.5J ET45 19" wheels on a lowered 8P I'm sure thats around the boundaries of scrubbing and want peoples opinions on it please.. Cheers..
  4. S3_Jacko

    Mid range coils advice required please..

    Guys i'm looking at improving the ride quality in my car as it sucks... The car is a 8P3 S3 for info.. And on 19" rims My problem, at present i've got 25mm H&R springs on the standard dampers and the ride quality is very poor, the car just bounces everywhere.. I've recently had a go of a...
  5. S3_Jacko

    S3 8P 4 Pot brakes options advice

    Hello... Just basically looking at all the options out there for a brake upgrade.. I know the obvious Rs3/TTRS with the ttrs disc mod, but they're like hens teeth and at ridiculous prices some of them.. So started looking at some Porsche 4 pot brembos.. Are these not practically the same...
  6. S3_Jacko

    Lacquer flake

    Guys whats the deal with the lacquer flake on these cars? The lower section of the rear bumper is starting to flake a wee bit, not a big deal as my mate owns his own smart repair shop.. But whats with this Audi 12yr paint warranty? Think it will hold any weight with Audi if I took it in and...
  7. S3_Jacko

    Apr anti theft software

    As above lads and ladettes Does anyone have the apr anti theft system on their 8P3 S3? Just been to my local tuners after a 5 week wait for them to tell me that their is no file available as yet for a single file ecu on the S3 8P... I want to know if anyone else has it on their car to chase...
  8. S3_Jacko

    Opinions required Turinis S3

    Hola Migos Just trying to get some opinions on the speedline Turinis on the S3 8P3... Been running 19's for a while and getting rid, due to cringing anytime I went over a bump... Been offered a set of Turinis by a mate... Can't make my mind up about them tho.. Just need a little convincing...
  9. S3_Jacko

    Coding boffins required

    Hey guys... Done a couple of jobs today that I thought would be pretty straight forward.. And to be fair, work... But after a scan are throwing up baffling errors that have left me scratching my head.... Anyway, I retrofitted cruise today and also MY11 wing mirrors and ditched the horrible...
  10. S3_Jacko

    A3/S3 wingmirrors.. Calling retrofitters

    Does anyone know if the 2012 a3/s3 wingmirrors are a straight bolt on to replace the 2009 Dumbos? Can the same module be used for indicators if the auto folding is not required!? Can auto folding mirrors still be manually folded Full mirrors to the A pillars, not caps.... I wana double check...
  11. S3_Jacko

    Rs3 paint codes

    Any Rs geeks in here be able to help out... I'm looking at the colour of OEM rs3 grilles.. Now i've done a lot of studying recently and they all seem to be different depending mostly on base colour of the car.... I know the Matt Alu pack is L AP6 paint code, but its my understanding looking at...
  12. S3_Jacko

    Another Stupid Rnse Question

    Guys just quickly... I've got 2 sd cards both 4gb that worked fine in my 08 prefacelift rnse... The 'cdtv' 1.. Now i've went out and bought the newer version rnse with the 'media' sdhc ports... However when I try put my sd cards in that worked on the previous unit i'm getting 'data corrupted...
  13. S3_Jacko

    Jackos Bluey Mk2.. Build/progress Thread.. Pic Heavy!

    Hello.... For those that don't know me, i'll start off with a bit of history.... 1st of all before you read all this, I am not a mechanic, a qualified vehicle technician in any way.. I am a data communications engineer and car enthusiast just like the rest of us..... Further note: I do not...
  14. S3_Jacko

    Pic Request.. A4 Rotors On Lowered S3

    As titled guys.. Looking for any pics of lowered s3's on A4 rotors... Preferably 25mm h&rs... As many pics from as many angles as possible please and your experiences with them.. Handling, rubbing? Thankenyou! :)
  15. S3_Jacko

    Photobucket? Still Supported?

    Hey... It appears that all my photos in various threads via photobucket dont appear to be supported/working.. Any ideas, this a known fault or whats the fix!?
  16. S3_Jacko

    Asn New Mobile Look

    Not a fan of the new look at all peeps... Its like an unwanted app update... Half the pics on the photo thread dont work anymore via mobile.. Is there anyway I can still click to go onto the desktop site!?
  17. S3_Jacko

    S3s with 19's side on pics and opinions required please... Apply within

    Evening dudes and dudettes..... As per title... In the not too distant future i'm selling the 8P2 to get an 8P3! However i'm still a bit indecisive as to what to do with the springs.... Can I get some side on pictures and opinions/experiences of your car is running please....? I'm running...
  18. S3_Jacko

    Can someone educate me on exhausts please!!

    Hola migos! Right... Someone has told me that the cats are located in the downpipes on the s3 8p exhaust and its true it kinda throws what I think I know about exhausts down the pan.... I thought the cats were in the sections after the downpipe!?? Anyway i'm looking into getting a Milltek...
  19. S3_Jacko

    Torqued security bolt.... Cant get it off

    Hey guys.... looking for some useful information from some wise folk... Talking on the phone and not thinking on what I was doing I torqued the security nut on my front wheel... Now I can't get it off... Yip I know (what an idiot) anyway... I know these bolts are for security reasons and...
  20. S3_Jacko

    Pentagon Supaglass... Theft prevention... Thoughts!?

    Hey guys... Been a few threads on recently about recent thefts and attempted robberys... Between myself and Artimus we came accross this.... It looks ideal to me, the company is still in existance by the looks of it, just checked their website... Might give them a call and find out costs...