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  1. GGP

    A3 1.4 TFSI Wastegate actuator rattle

    Not sure. It was down on the invoice as "modified clip" A clip was fitted to stop the rattle. It was done by an Audi/VW specialist garage. Extortionate.
  2. GGP

    A3 1.4 TFSI Wastegate actuator rattle

    Got mine done for £250 + £50 diagnostic! ...the clip itself cost a little over £20! checked my dash cam and it took around an hour to fit.
  3. GGP

    Does my A3 have Pre Sense ?

    Yeah, that's what I was expecting. My sisters Q2 has a collision radar Pre-Sense, but I was surprised mine had nothing in the MMI regarding this.
  4. GGP

    Does my A3 have Pre Sense ?

    I have a facelift 2016 8V Saloon but don't see any Pre Sense settings in the MMI? I read that all cars from 2012 have the basic Pre Sense as standard.
  5. GGP

    Turbo flutter

    Does your car have Cylinder on Demand? as I had a similar issue, but had a securing clip fitted to stop the rattle/flutter.
  6. GGP

    Does anyone else suffer from bird poo?

    My car was only a day old when one got baked into the roof, which was only left for a matter or hours. I was fuming. The road I park on is a nightmare, there's a fight over the parking spaces between the trees as bird shittings are VERY frequent when directly under one... tree sap is *******...
  7. GGP

    Audi A3 8v 1.4TFSI 150 odd engine sound

    It does my head in! For me, it activates 2-cylinder mode when I press the throttle very gently whist maintaining a speed of 20-30ish mph... the sound will remain unless I press the throttle down further or take my foot completely off, then the sound will instantly stop and the '2-cylinder'...
  8. GGP

    Audi A3 8v 1.4TFSI 150 odd engine sound

    It’s the Turbo Actuator Linkage rattling caused by the cylinder deactivation. It’s a horrid sound especially when cruising on back roads with cars parked either side, the sound bouncing back and forth - it’s embarrassing as people always notice it and turn around. I’ve had my car a few months...
  9. GGP

    Trim on Centre Console Misaligned

    Does anyone know how to remove the textured trim part of the centre console? I had the Hill Hold Assist installed button installed a few days ago and noticed the lower textured part of the centre console was sticking out a little on the drivers side after getting the car back. I've located the...
  10. GGP

    Audi S3 8v 3dr. Springs/spacers

    Not got an S3, but have a S Line Saloon which I believe has the same stock suspension. I recently got the Eibach Pro kit fitted which lowers the car around 30mm I believe and H&R Spacers 12mm rear / 10mm front. No issues going over speed bumps, no rubbing coming off my steep driveway - no...
  11. GGP

    Rough remap figures for 150bhp S line?

    Thanks for that, puts my mind a peace a little. I'll cycle through the modes and see how the car responds. I expected them to explain the process beforehand what to expect, and then at least get a print off of the performance results as proof or something similar! It felt as if nothing had been...
  12. GGP

    Rough remap figures for 150bhp S line?

    Hi, do yo guys know what gains are to be had for a FL S line Saloon 150bhp? I took my car to a place near me that had great reviews for mapping this morning and got a call back a few hours later to day the remap had been completed. When I arrived they stated the guy who did it had a meeting...
  13. GGP

    Oil pressure regulation valve electrical error

    I had the same fault on mine as well as a few others. I got my local Audi specialist to run a diagnostic health check whilst I had the car in for a wheel alignment and the only things that flagged up where: - Oil misting around the throttle valve - Low brake fluid So maybe the fault relates...
  14. GGP

    Quality Locking Bolts | 35mm & 40mm ?

    Hi guys, I'm struggling to find the correct locking bolts for my FL Saloon with 10mm/12mm spacers - I've been searching for an absolute age and it's really p*ssing me off! Does anyone know of websites that offer high quality locking bolts with the following fittings: 14 x 1.5 | 35mm | Radius...
  15. GGP

    A3 to S3 mechanical conversion

    Bump! Just came across this thread whilst searching for something else - just wondered how you got on with the conversion? would be nice to see some photos etc.
  16. GGP

    Post your eBay finds,for sale items and classifieds links also WANTED stuff

    OEM Carbon Mirror Caps
  17. GGP

    Part No. for FL S3 Saloon Diffuser?

    Hi, does anyone know the Part Number is for the facelift S3 Saloon rear diffuser? I've searched high and low but can't find it anywhere - seems to be none on eBay either unfortunately! Anyone have a rough idea what Audi Parts department charge for them? Thanks in advance.
  18. GGP

    S3 lower grille on A3 ?

    Yeah its a pain! my local VW/Audi specialist is having a go at it tomorrow for a £48 charge! it's my only hope as I really don't fancy getting the wheels and bumper off on my driveway anytime soon.
  19. GGP

    Shorter ‘Spacers’ Locking Wheel Bolts?

    Cheers, I'll do some research before buying.
  20. GGP

    Shorter ‘Spacers’ Locking Wheel Bolts?

    Blimey, that's not good at all. Are there any other reputable brands out there?