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    Wing mirror fold position.

    I noticed this on my A6 Allroad 2020. In fact I thought the drivers door mirror was even hitting the chrome strip at first but it's on some kind of cam which Lifts it at the end of its fold. I mentioned this when it was in Audi West london and we had a walk around the car park and noticed all...
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    21 inch wheel tire size thoughts?

    Thank you for your reply. That’s interesting regarding your stock tire size. Even the S6 has 245/40/21 with just a slightly different offset. The standard Audi wheel seems to be an 8.5 J unless it’s the RS6. That rim will take a 255 profile tire. I’ve heard the Bridgestones are quiet and that is...
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    A6 C8 20" vs 21" ride quality / road noise?

    I have just posted something regarding 21 inch wheels. They are fitted to my A6 as standard which has air suspension. I have found them very comfortable on Continental silent sport 6 tires. I keep the pressure at 41 and I drive in dynamic most of the time but occasionally in comfort in London...
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    21 inch wheel tire size thoughts?

    I have a 21 reg 50tdi Vorsprong Allroad. This model is probably the heaviest A6 Avant at roughly 2200 kg. It comes with 21-inch wheels as standard on a 245/40 section tire on a rim of 8.5 J. Originally fitted with a continental sport 6 silent tires which were okay, but they don't last even with...
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    50TDI DTUK tunning box for sale

    Did it work? or is it not worth the gains?
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    50TDI Gearbox??

    I might add that around town I have found originally the efficiency setting was quite good but even running 21 inch wheels I now stick to dynamic and sport for the gearbox, the car has learnt my style and it's still supremely comfortable and smooth most of the time, occasionally I wish there was...
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    50TDI Gearbox??

    You may have only had it two weeks but you might need to check the build date in the handbook. Many cars are coming out of stock and some were built as long ago as mid 2020 and have been sitting in storage, so unless yours was ordered especially that may be a consideration, you have to push the...