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  1. Stepho

    RS3 Blades

    Can the RS3 Saloon blade wheels be fitted to the RS3 Sportback without issue?
  2. Stepho

    Wanted B8.5 RS4 - Anyone selling

    Looking for a nice example, under 50k miles full history, extras are just a bonus. Any out there? Thanks
  3. Stepho

    Sold up, and have some items to move on

    Hi Guys, since selling up and moving on I have a couple of bits for the A4 which I'll be sticking in the classified section in a few weeks. I have Genuine Audi Roofbars (Not Bike rack) for an Avant (pic1), a set of In-pro Chrome Mirror housings (pic 2) and a cheap set of revamped 19" RS4...
  4. Stepho

    P/X on RS4 Grill - Anyone Near Glasgow?

    I've just traded my B7 for a MkVI Golf GTD and if there is anyone out there thats near the Glasgow area I'm willing to change grills. Must be done before Tuesday and £90 my way.
  5. Stepho

    Looking for vas or vcds around Glasgow area

    As above I'm looking for someone with this software to diagnose a fault on my A4 B7. Any help apprecciated. Thanks in Advance
  6. Stepho

    HELP -Removing In-Pro mirror covers

    I fancy changing my chrome mirror covers back to standard OEM covers, but can't remember how to remove the existing covers. I've removed the glass and the 3 securing screws but can't shift the casing. There are around 4 clips in place but for the life of me I can't work the damn thing out...
  7. Stepho

    Anyone fitted a flat bottom Steering Wheel??

    Was thinking of changing my Avant, but now looking at some interior mods. Looking to change my Standard Multi-function flappy paddle steering wheel for a new chunky Flat bottom Audi number. Anyone out there done this? Was it an easy mod to do? Also what should I look to pay so many...
  8. Stepho

    HELP - Removing Aero Wiper blades on B7

    Need someone to tell me how to remove the old Aero Wiper blades on a B7 A4. Really struggling with this one. On it at the moment. Thanks in advance
  9. Stepho

    Strange squeeling noise

    Took the kids to McD's tonight and whilst going through the drive through at low speed when turning the wheel I was getting a strange high pitched squeeling noise, heard it in the car before but thought it was the cowling now I've had the window down and heard it I'm a little concerned. Anyone...
  10. Stepho

    Brake Pad warning light on

    My Brake pad warning light has been flicking on and off now for a couple of weeks and now its more on than off, if you know what I mean. Had a good look round and all pads have plenty of meat on them. Had a go at shorting out but no joy. Any solutions to this? Is there a way of turning the light...
  11. Stepho


    As title had loss of power yesterday took it to my local specialist and diagnostics reveal faulty ERG valve, with a cost of £200 odd pounds + labour to repair. Was wondering if the valve can be sourced cheaper. Total cost for repair is near £400.
  12. Stepho

    Help with new centre cap badges

    I'm on the lookout for some centre caps for my 19" Replica 7 spoke S3 alloy wheels. Its just the actual self adhesive caps not the whole centres. I've roughly measured these and they are around 69/70mm in diameter. The only ones I can find on the Bay are flat, I really want to keep the raised...
  13. Stepho

    What do you think of my new boots?

    Bought these today but unsure if there what I 'm looking for. Want a change from the RS4's but they look very similar but different if you know what I mean. Can't decide on them, they do look good against the car but I'm more a silver wheel guy, and its made me think. Any thoughts? New...
  14. Stepho

    Help with Roofbar Question

    Just purchased a Mont Blanc Barracuda Roof mount bike rack for my Avant and have found that the clamps are too short for the Audi roof rack. Has anyone found this, or found a way around the problem? The clamps supplied with the barracuda seem to be around 20mm too short.
  15. Stepho

    Anyone interested in a S-line Grill?

    I've stuck my S-line grill up for sale in the classified section, but the pic quality in this section is not that great so I thought I'd stick it up on here. Postage can be arranged at buyers cost.
  16. Stepho

    Need HELP with Locking nut!!!!!

    Looking for some help with these locking wheel bolts. Had some work done and looks like someone stuck them on with an impact wrench and has destroyed the clover shaped pattern on the socket used to remove the bolts. If anyone can identify these it would be a great help. Hopefully I can contact...
  17. Stepho

    Anyone fitted: PIAA Xtreme White H7 bulbs ????

    Been looking at fitting some new Headlamp bulbs as I find my current set like candles in a jam jar. Has anyone fitted these PIAA bulbs? A bit pricey at £50 a set but looking for a clearer/sharper white light. Tried...
  18. Stepho

    Gauging interest in my S-line bumper

    Gauging interest as I'm thinking of changing my 2006 S-Line front bumper. Bumper would be sold complete with the Grill and Fog surrounds. Price I'd be after £200 + Delivery Picture shown with RS4 grill (not part of sale)
  19. Stepho

    Help with Brakes (1.9TDi)

    Hi I;m looking to find the diameter of the front discs on an 04 plate 1.9 Tdi (B6). I've gone to my local parts store and they have given me a choice of two for that model and year. The first set was 280mm Dia and the second was 288mm Dia, not much in it but I need to get the right parts...
  20. Stepho

    Fitted my new 19"' wheels but don't like

    Just not what I'm after, think I'll sell them on.(see if anyone on here is interesded first) I'll stick them up in the classifieds later on. Anyone interested drop me a PM offset is ET45 so ideal for the B7. tyres all have a min of 6mm over tread. Never fitted the rear but to give an...