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    TT for swap or sale

    is anyone on here interested in swaping a silver 225 tt. just had roof sprayed by audi to look like quattro sport on a y plate, fsh, 73k . I am looking for a s3 simlar spec as got baby on way cheers
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    remapping 225 tt

    hey no this has prob been done to death live in the south west and am thinking of either custom code or revo for a remap? where to go any one? also when does the revo start tailing of as heard is aggresive?? and what bhp and torque am i looking from a stage 1 remap?? cheers any info helpfull
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    tt wing mirrors

    does anyone no how to fit the tt mk 1 wing mirrors as cant get the black disc turn thing sittin right ?? when mirror on passenger side pics would be helpfull cheers of any tt wing mirros pass side
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    battery drain on tt

    hey all my battery is dieing on my tt after 3 days any help have checked for draws and all it is drawing when locked and swithed off is 0.02 any ideas is it a faulty alternator is a brand new battery and alternator charges it ok?? any help please driving me mad
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    rear strut brace

    does anyone no were i can buy a rear strut brace for my audi tt 2001 225bhp??? as have removed rear seats and made up my own false floor with sub included. also the cargo net like in the qs model
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    audi tt 2001 front head light

    hi there have just looked at my front lights on my tt and from left to right looking at drivers light i have xenon then the middle light is side and full beam what is the small 1 further in is this a fog light or reflector as it not working either side help please
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    new stlye audi rs4 wheels

    does anyone no were i can get a good set of replicas in this style twin 7 spokes?? as the ones on ebay are naff any one ordered any from anywere?? also what is the offset and pcd for an audi tt 225 coupe cheers any info or pics please
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    rst wheels

    hi there newbie here have just brought an audi tt 225 and was just wondering how do i tell if the wheels are genuine or reps with audi centers there multi fit inside ie lots of holes behind center caps if that helps?? there 9 spoke 18" cheers
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    anyone selling s3

    hey there am looking for a s3 2001 onwards up to 80k silver or yellow mainly am gettin so tired at looking at rubbish ones so wish i never got rid of mine 2 years ago any one selling??
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    facelift s3 headlights

    hey all can u just change over the facelift s3 xenon headlights to a pre facelift s3 or do u need to change the wings as well
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    Audi S3 2000

    hey all am looking at buying a v reg on a 2000 plate audi s3 and was just wondering as it is an amk does it still have esp if not does it make it fwd as no the s3 runs as fwd car untill it needs it any info between the amk pre facelift spec and facelift please
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    hey all am purchacing a audi s3 that has just done 71k does anyone no when the services are due next and what it involves car has full audi service history at the moment cheers ryan also costs
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    hey all can any one tell me a good suspension set up for fast road use for a s3 that will be mapped cheers as do i just get spings, coilovers etc
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    hey all have a 225bhp s3 51 plate. no this has been done to death resurched posts on here and was wondering what mods do i need on a standard s3 to get a stage 2 map? also am torn between revo, custom code and live in cornwall also some people say celtic tunning? who would u all go with i want...
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    amk or bam

    hey all just looking to buy a s3 again after having to sell mine a year ago which was a 2003 reg i was just wondering is the older engine more reliable than the bam after tunning cheers??
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    forge splitter r for sale

    hey all been brought a forge splitter r for my b day but all ready have one on my s3 so is goin for £100 if any body interested its in polished silver brand new still in box.
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    clio or s3

    hey all was havin a bit of a moment 2day and was thinking of gettin rid of my s3 for a clio sport 3.5 v6? what u all think the clio any good or stick with the s3??
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    Blue smoke S3

    hey all was wondering if anyone could help on starting my s3 from cold it puffs out blue smoke out of the exshaust untill the temprature gets up then does not is fine no smoke is this normal?? only mod on my standard bam s3 03 reg is a forge splitter r dv valve would this be causein the problem...
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    forge splitter r

    hi all am currently running a forge splitter r valve on my s3 at 16clicks as forge recomend and have noticed it holding off after bout 4500 rpm have had a new maf sensor put in by audi 2 weeks ago so not that used to run fine with old bosch valve am thinking now just putting a forge 007 on...
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    Porshe Brakes

    hey all am thinkin of buying some porshe brakes for my s3 been lookin on ebay but loads of different callipers of different modles of porshe which callipers are best to go for? and what discs,pads do i buy? do i buy porshe standard discs and pads discs? help cheers