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  1. Dean_T

    JoJo's S3 Obituary

    Not good seeing this but at least you are ok though fella
  2. Dean_T

    Audi S3 needed for filming/Fifth Gear TV show (UK)

    Great opportunity and experience you had there, well done fella :)
  3. Dean_T

    K&N Over Jetex........

    When I had a mk3 golf I had a pipercross induction kit on that and the oil killed the maf
  4. Dean_T

    Fitted My New Jetex Filter... what do people think of theirs?

    So, any of you guys going to get a video up so we can all hear how it sounds? :)
  5. Dean_T

    A3 1.8t sport Tuning Plan

    Great thread, good to see a thread on here that is A3 focused. I'm all for keeping the standard'ish look as well, its fun :D
  6. Dean_T

    AH Fab / Ebay / Forge S3/A3 FMIC installs (image heavy)

    Great work, considering doing this on my A3, this makes me want to even more! Where did you get the kit from and how much? Seconded on a request for a 'bumper on' picture, did you have to mod the bumper much?
  7. Dean_T

    Anti-corrosion warranty results - Please post here

    Hi All, Hope i can pick your brains on this paint/body guarantee. I have bubbling on the rear of my 2001 A3 T Sport, on the 'panel' that the boot lock is on. I also have rust forming on the passenger side rear arch. There is also rust forming on the inner side of the tip of the door...
  8. Dean_T

    What DV is this?

    Cheers, I had a suspicion but wanted clarification from someone who knew more than me! :) I was tempted with the SplitR but after searching on here a few people have had problems with them and reverted to the 007. Using a 007 hooked up backwards may be the route I go for I think, found a...
  9. Dean_T

    What DV is this?

    As requested, more pics The thing that makes me think it isnt a 007p is that the 'collar' is circular, whereas on the 007p it looks hexagonal, as shown on the below site;
  10. Dean_T

    What DV is this?

    Any ideas, had it fitted some time ago, maybe a few years I think :uhm: I'm guessing it isn't a 007p...? I have been away from these forums for a good few years and heard the lastest buzz on DVs (after reading for a few hours lol) is the 007p. To be honest what drove me here is...
  11. Dean_T

    My New Exhaust!!!

    that sounds sweet, what sort of cost would it be to get one fitted and is it good grade stainless thats used?
  12. Dean_T

    having chipped an A3 1.8T...

    [ QUOTE ] if i have 18inch wheels fitted will i need to lower the suspension to stop my car looking like a tractor? [/ QUOTE ] yes, IMO but each to their own, you may find it looks ok
  13. Dean_T

    Got some proper pics of the 'flying banana'

    looks very nice but have you sorted out how its going to pass an MOT?
  14. Dean_T

    Service improves performance?

    did they clean the MAF for you or anything like that?
  15. Dean_T

    What to tell my insurance company?

    also just dug this from a similar thread on talkaudio; [ QUOTE ] In a case study in one of the broadsheets there was a woman who bought a Cavalier 1.6GL or whatever and it had the full SRi kit and alloys. Being like a 50 year old woman with no interest in cars she didn't know anything about it...
  16. Dean_T

    What to tell my insurance company?

    my bad guys, forgot to put "just my 2p" at the end of my post thats what happens when your in a rush to post! if someone genuinely didnt know about a remap then i guess it would be a tough call to make on what would happen my bet is that it would involve lots of solicitors though!
  17. Dean_T

    What to tell my insurance company?

    whether you have intentionally not declared the mod or have no idea that its been modded then you're still driving an un-insured car its down to the buyer to discover and declare any mods as i said, ignorance is no excuse
  18. Dean_T

    What to tell my insurance company?

    [ QUOTE ] OK, so what happens if you sell your remapped car and "forget" to tell the prospective buyer that it's chipped? Or, more likely, the new owner sells it after he has bought it from you and he wasn't interested in the mods you have done so doesn't pass this information on to the new...
  19. Dean_T

    What IS torque?!

    in a nutshell; bhp is how fast you can go torque is how quick you get there
  20. Dean_T

    New pictures of the V12 powered flying banana

    sound proofing and audio fitting time? but seeing as you have changed back to standard alloys i would be more inclined to go with respray