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  1. LSL

    R-Tech vs My old clutch.. R-Tech won, need ideas for a new TQS clutch!

    After finally getting my car remapped yesterday by Niki my 103k old clutch has started slipping. Couldn't be happier with the remap: Now I know the recommended route for A3's is the VR6 single mass etc. but apparently that won't fit mine. The question is will anything that'll go on an S3 fit...
  2. LSL

    Driving on low gearbox oil

    So turns out I've been driving around with only 1.2l of oil in my gearbox and transfer box, is it likely this will have caused any damage? The oil was dark but didn't have excessive metal in it or anything and the magnetic plug wasn't anymore bunged up than would be expected, oils never been...
  3. LSL

    Need someone to look over data logs + help with boost surge issue

    Hey, I was told to do some data logs to help figure out my boost surge issue so here they are, I'd be very grateful if someone that knows there stuff has a look over them! The problem I'm having is it appears once a certain boost pressure is reached it dumps, then boosts back up again, it...
  4. LSL

    PCV removal and catch can to atmos question

    As far as I can tell (I could be very wrong though) the point of the system is to remove burnt oil vapor and introduce fresh and filtered air into the engine. It does this by sucking the dirty air out and into the TIP when boosting. Now if you've fitted a catch can that vents to atmosphere the...
  5. LSL

    "Refreshing" my TQS and a big thanks

    So after neglecting my car for a while now due to being skint, it going wrong a lot and thinking about selling it.. I decided, mostly due to you guys, that I'm going to pull my finger out and get it sorted, tart it up a bit and give it a remap for some hopefully trouble free and fun motoring...
  6. LSL

    Correct trailing arm front bushes for my car?

    Just a quick one, powerflex list 8l 2wd and 8l S3 parts, none specifically for the 1.8TQS. Seems as though these are the correct ones but I just want someone else to check before I buy. Powerflex Thanks.
  7. LSL

    Can't sort a boost problem, N75?

    Hey everyone, I've got a '02 1.8TQ and it's having a boost problem, I've had a search around but can't find much. By the feel/sound of it it's getting to a certain pressure then dumping, so if I floor it from under 2k to redline it'll boost up and dump several times, you can feel and hear it...
  8. LSL

    EPC light, stalling and random oil pressure faults?

    I'm wondering if any of you can help with my 1.8TQ. I've been driving along and the rev counter would drop off, I'd lose power and then it goes back to normal but with the EPC light up, higher idle (1100rpm) and a EML. Then when I was cruising along at 60ish it done the same apart from the rev...
  9. LSL

    Driving with disconnected MAF

    Turns out I've got a dodgy MAF and will be replacing it once I find where to get a new one :( What I want to know is if it's okay to drive around with it disconnected until the new one turns up? Or should I reconnect it and put up with my revs bouncing around...
  10. LSL

    Do green cottons come pre-oiled?

    Just got mine in the post and it looks suspiciously dry :huh:
  11. LSL

    Bumper removal

    Just a quick one, do you need to take the headlights off with the bumper when you remove it? Facelift 1.8tq if that helps.
  12. LSL

    My 1.8tq feels hesitant around 3000rpm on WOT

    I'm guessing this isn't normal, it feels like it's coming off boost or something... I don't have any experience with turbo engines so I have no idea what it could be or if its a common problem (if it's anything)... Any ideas? :think:
  13. LSL

    Cubby hole lid won't close...

    I know it's not the biggest problem I could have but it's annoying me none the less :ermm: Obviously some mechanism has broken but I'm a bit scared to start pulling the console apart, anyone have a clue how to fix it?
  14. LSL

    1.8T quattro buyers guide?

    Apologies for not introducing myself properly, I'm Luke, but I'm in need of some quick info! I've been searching for a buyers guide/checklist for a facelift 1.8T quattro (or as specific as possile) on google and audi forums, obviously the search has been disabled on this forum so I haven't been...