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  1. Mi11ar

    What do I need for a Ko4 conversion?

    Hi guys I have a 99 plate Audi A3 1.8T Sport with a ko3 Turbo it has: FMIC 3'' downpipe 3'' de-cat 2.5'' full system Solid state flywheel S2000 Air Filter The next thing I want to do is get a Ko4 turbo but after searching the internet it's hard to get an exact list of parts that are...
  2. Mi11ar

    Removing Air Bag lights?

    Hi guys had a search for the answer to this but couldn't find anything. Had a little accident that set off the air bags, had the Car repaired and everything's now fine, didn't bother replacing the Air Bag system because I want to fit a Momo steering wheel or similar, and I've got 4 point...
  3. Mi11ar

    A3 or S3?

    As the title suggests I have asked myself this question, I have an 99 plate A3 1.8T that I've been working on for just under a year now, I've had a complete nightmare with the Car as my first engine seized and then I came off the road in the wet and had to pay for a newer gear box, clutch and I...
  4. Mi11ar

    Brake pads

    Car needs new brake pads I have a noob question do I need the pads with the sensors? I have a 1999 Audi A3 on a T Reg
  5. Mi11ar

    Front speakers don't work with my aftermarket HU

    Front speakers don't work with my aftermarket HU, I've bought 2 different adaptors from Halfords both of which the sales assistant assured me that it would solve it, but on both occasions nobody was available to fit.... So I've tried it myself, with the first adaptor I can get audio but only...
  6. Mi11ar

    Cars got even worse!!! (with videos)

    Hi guys Been posting a few times about problems with my Car and I've been given loads of advice by people and I've tried it all and still my Car isn't sorted, problem is the Cars running like a bag of ****, I replaced the engine because my last one seized, along with that I had a de-cat, Honda...
  7. Mi11ar

    I made a video W.I.P opinions please :)

    Millars Audi A3 1.8T Sport W.I.P - YouTube I seen someone else's and thought I'd give making my own a stab, just wanted to share it an get your opinions, it's only a glorified slide show with a sound track but I think with a little more time and possibly some video included they could be a good...
  8. Mi11ar

    Creaking coil over!?

    Hi I've had my coil overs for about 6 Months now, an never had any problems with them, but recently got new tires and now the passenger side creaks like an old mattress, when going over bumps or generally driving on un-even ground, anything to worry about? I have a 120mile trip to make to work...
  9. Mi11ar

    Cars running boggy does it require a remap?

    Hi guys my old engine seized so I got a newer one fitted (70k miles) I then got it serviced and a new cam belt, while this being done I got my old S2000 air filter put onto the new engine, fitted a FMIC, 3'' down pipe and de-cat. (I already had a stainless steel exhaust on it think it's 2'' or...
  10. Mi11ar

    1999 A3 1.8T Sport Oil Sump Plug socket size?

    1999 A3 1.8T Sport Oil Sump Plug socket size? Apparently it can't be found in your average socket set?
  11. Mi11ar

    Cheep exhaust options?

    Hi guys after a cheep exhaust for my 99 A3 1.8T Sport not after spending loads, budgets about £250, £300, doesn't have to have a Cat-Back or anything as I'm just going to de-cat it and throw the Cat on for MOT. Any suggestions?
  12. Mi11ar

    Ebay special fmic, fitting kit!?

    I have the Ebay special FMIC, somebody linked me a while ago an ebay item which was basically loads of tubes and clips for £60 making fitting allot easier to fit, for the life of me I can't find it, does anyone have a link to a similar item?
  13. Mi11ar

    All brake lights have randomly stopped working...

    Randomly on my drive back to camp on Sunday night, all 3 of my brake lights decided to stop working all at once, checked the fuse that's fine, and all the bulbs seem to be ok also, I've heard of people having a similar problem before something about a switch mechanism behind the brake pedal...
  14. Mi11ar

    ko3s or ko4?

    I've seen this sort of thread before but couldn't find it so asking the question, ko3s or ko4 for my 1999 A3 1.8T, am I right in believing that Ko3s is a simple swap for the ko3 and the ko4 requires internals and the rest of it? What are the Pros and Conns?
  15. Mi11ar

    How do I fix the rubbing caused when lowering...

    Just fitted coil overs to my Car and I have rubbing as warned previously, I know I can higher the Car and leave it about 40mm to avoid any rubbing but is this the only solution?
  16. Mi11ar

    Paint or Wrap my spoiler?

    Bought an S3 spoiler for my A3, not sure if I should spray it gun metal grey like the rest of my Car, wrap it, or plasti dip it black like my grill... Any thoughts?
  17. Mi11ar

    Front Mount Intercooler installation issues

    Bought this AUDI A3 A4 A6 TT VW GOLF MK4 GTi BORA 1.8 TURBO FRONT MOUNT INTERCOOLER KIT FMIC | eBay from a friend, only to find after stripping everything down that none of the pipes seem to fit, the kit doesn't come with any fitting instructions and I simply can't find any way that this fits...
  18. Mi11ar

    Need some links to purchase a few parts :)

    Anyone got any links to some sights or Ebay links? I have a 1999 A3 1.8T Sport 3 door, want links for the following items: Wind Deflectors Coilovers (60mm) Some nicer rear lights S3 Spoiler S3 brakes Thanks people, btw not simply being lazy I just want to make sure I'm buying recommended...
  19. Mi11ar

    Aftermarket bumper yey or nay?

    AUDI A3 8L 96-03 2 DOOR FRONT BUMPER | eBay thinking of getting this as an alternative to getting the facelift conversion, on my 99 reg A3 1.8t, will this look cheep and ****? or if done right actually look tidy enough, what are peoples thoughts?
  20. Mi11ar

    Seat belt problems...

    Sent my Car in to get the windows tinted and when it came back the drivers seat belt wasn't working how it should, when pulled out it doesn't pull itself back, it will catch if pulled quickly and tightly but if pulled gently it will keep un raveling. What could have happened to it?