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  1. ayfreetee

    New to 8p.

    Hi my new 8p friends, I’ve been on here for several years, but this is my first 8p, it’s a Sportback s line Quattro tdi 170 (bmn), and I must say I love it, my previous Audi’s were both 8l models, a 1.8t sport and a n S3, I’ve been away for a year with a Mercedes, now I’m glad to say I’m back...
  2. ayfreetee

    Goodbye from me, for a while.

    You're all going to hate me, because the S3 has gone and I've got myself something completely different, Merc c 220cdi sport edition, nice comfy, economical and slow, but I guess it's more my age than the S3 (51), it's a little better than standard, Japan racing 18's, lowered on coilovers...
  3. ayfreetee

    Not many 8l's.

    I went to Audi international at Castle Coombe on Saturday, I was surprised not to see many 8l Audi's there, I think I only saw about five all day, only one on the ASN stand, although I've never seen so many RS3's in one place, there must have been thirty of them.
  4. ayfreetee

    Exhaust coupling size.

    Can anyone please tell me the diameter of the standard cat to exhaust coupling on my S3? Thanks.
  5. ayfreetee

    Would you Adam and Eve it?

    I decided to change my poly bushed dog bone mount back to standard today, in order to get rid of the vibration at tick over with the air con on, it worked, but when I removed the old one, some plonker had fitted the rear Ali section back to front, which pushed the bottom of the engine forward...
  6. ayfreetee

    Bit of a head scratcher.

    I'd been home for around an hour, when I went back out in the garage, I noticed the stereo was lit up, so I pressed the off button, but it didn't do anything, all the lights on the head unit are lit up but the screen is blank, I couldn't turn it off or on, I removed the fuse, it still stayed on...
  7. ayfreetee

    What a difference.

    Well today I fitted my sfs 80mm tip, I decided to keep the same filter setup just to see how different the car felt, I have s2000 filter with a heat shield, so I could do a before and after comparison, I have to say, I am very impressed, if anyone is considered this mod, it is well worth it...
  8. ayfreetee

    Is it worth the hassle?

    I have a de-cat pipe that came with my car but not fitted, the previous owner removed it because it threw up the eml, the downpipe is standard, but it has a heat wrapped stainless tubular manifold ( don't know the origin), would it be worth fiting it with a lambda extension elbow, or are the...
  9. ayfreetee

    Rear tie arm advice.

    I am looking at replacing all four tie arms on the rear of my S3, can anybody tell me if it is necessary to clamp, or remove the springs to do the job? I have searched, but not been able to find a definitive answer, thanks in advance.
  10. ayfreetee

    Alcantara cleaned

    Back in the summer I bought some Race glaze alcantara cleaner, so I thought I'd give it a go today, first I did the centre armrest lid, it came up really well, it removed the little greasy dots and even brought the knapp back, then I did the passenger seat, then gave it going over with a bobble...
  11. ayfreetee

    Christmas prezzies used.

    Used and fitted a couple of my prezzies from the wife today, first I did a refresh of the headlights with meguiars kit, came up like new, then I fitted my S3 8V gear knob, which was a direct fit and looks great too.
  12. ayfreetee

    S3 toothed belt advise please.

    I'm looking to change the toothed belt kit on my BAM S3, I have done the job twice in the 1.8t engine ( A3 and GTI), I was wondering what parts of the job are different, thank you.
  13. ayfreetee

    For all those with worn S3 steering wheel badge.

    My little S3 badge was worn, but I didn't want to get ripped off by the stealers, or even attempt to paint mine, luckily I fount a self adhesive aluminium replacement on eBay for £4.99, perfect fit and just sticks over the original.
  14. ayfreetee

    Injector advice please.

    when sonic cleaning my injectors recently, I found that my car is fitted with what I can make out are 42lb green injectors and spacers, I have a record of the car being stage one remapped by revo a few years ago, but there is nothing in the records about the injectors being changed, my concern...
  15. ayfreetee

    Injector rail packing?

    I cleaned my injectors today with an ultrasonic cleaner, when removing the rail I found it had an M12 nut under each of the mounting points, between the rail and the inlet, packing the rail up about 10mm, also the bolts have been replaced by hex head instead of the standard cap heads,so...
  16. ayfreetee

    Wirring electric motor sound.

    Could any of you please tell me what this electric motor I can hear coming from the front of my engine on my BAM S3, it happens sometimes when I turn the ignition off, there is a wirring slow motor sound, I can't see exactly what it is coming from. Thanks.
  17. ayfreetee

    Side light bulbs?

    Silly question, but it save me digging outy owners manual, which side light bulbs will my 2002 S3 have, are they 501, or BA9S, I need to get some white led's to match the headlights, any recommendations would be good too thanks.
  18. ayfreetee

    Two batteries died.

    When I came to get in my S3 this morning, the car had no power at all not even interior or dash lights, yet the night before it was fine, anyway I replaced the battery and that died after ten miles, the battery warning light came on and went off twice, so would I be correct in thinking the...
  19. ayfreetee

    Strange donk noise.

    Any help would be good people, I have a donk noise every now and then ,which appears to coming from the rear suspension, it's not a broken spring as they are only six weeks old and I have checked them anyway, i do think it could be the rubber spring insulators as that are quite knackered, anyone...
  20. ayfreetee

    Headlight washer.

    Is it possible to remove the headlight washer pump through the headlight hole, without removing washer bottle? Thanks.