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  1. Woorlord

    SQ5 SQ5(FY) Rear DRL Coding

    Noticed our SQ5(FY) 2018 did not have the rear DRL's active. Searched high and low for the VCDS coding on the web and no clear coding. Older Q5 models advising byte-2 bit-7 of '09 Cent Elec' module but this setting was not valid for the FY. Tracked it down to byte-2 bit-3 ('sl_at_drl,active')...
  2. Woorlord

    Sold Genuine ROSS-TECH HEX-USB+CAN Cable (Unlimited VIN)

    Here on offer is my Genuine ROSS-TECH HEX-USB+CAN cable. This was originally purchased from ROSS-TECH directly from the United States and is an unlimited VIN cable with regard to use on compatible VAG vehicles. This cable is immaculate with no signs of any obvious wear, and has been used for...
  3. Woorlord

    Space Saver for TDIe - What Part Numbers please?

    Recently had a puncture experience and can now see the value of a space saver wheel which my TDIe does not have have standard. Hoping to source the parts from various sources and was wondering what space saver I would need? My standard 17" alloys have 225/50 R 17 tyres. Have sourced an Audi...
  4. Woorlord

    New Company B8 to compliment the B6

    New leased company car delivered to me at home yesterday - in the pouring rain, A4 2.0 TDIe SE Technick (163ps) Saloon replacing the BMW 320d Tourer. Opted for a few extra's: Xenon Plus Headlights Sound System Upgrade (DAB and B&O) Still have the A4/B6 3.0 Quattro Sport Saloon -...
  5. Woorlord

    A5 (2009) Bluetooth Retrofit Advice

    Popped over from the A4/B6 section - mate has just bought a A5 Sportback (2009) 3.0TDI Quattro and he is in need of a Bluetooth retrofit to accompany the Chorus 3 radio. Has any body got a part number or a VCDS scan showing info for the Telephone [77] unit like part number and software level...
  6. Woorlord

    Retrofitting Valeo HID Xenons to H7 Headlight

    Decided to go for Valeo HID Ballast Kit and fit them in my H7 Halogen Headlight units. These kits are readily available in the US and I have recently found a supplier UK based. I have previously had Slimline Ballasts fitted in this Healdight unit, but still get the intermittent "Brake...
  7. Woorlord

    RNS-E VIM Hack - Success!

    Had a go at the DIY VIM Hack that you can apply to the RNS-E by downgrading with VIM software and then taking the system back up to the current software. Been a bit cautious of doing this based on the number of potential problems you could have doing it. Anyway glad to say it is all sorted now...
  8. Woorlord

    Wanted - replacement 400Hz "Low Tone" Horn

    My drivers side horn, which is Part No. 8E0 961 221 "Low Tone" (400Hz) has gone - been intermittent for a while now. Does anybody have one lying around for me to purchase? Nothing on Ebay! Believe it or not the Cabriolet horn is physically different, (connector is above the horn outlet ~ 45...
  9. Woorlord

    Big Tips!

    Visited my nearest Powerflow dealer in Ipswich at the weekend for fitting of my pre-ordered 100mm sloping tips and thought I'd post up the before and after pictures...... Before: AFTER: :)
  10. Woorlord

    Audi A4/B6 Alarm Siren - Replace NiMH Batteries

    The standard Audi B6 Siren (2001+) suffers from internal batteries becoming flat / leaking and they are not user replaceable requiring a new siren at a cost of at least £85+. The internal batteries are 2x large button cell type: "N3H 3.6v 160mAh", and are no longer made by the OEM in Germany...
  11. Woorlord

    B7 A/C unit in B6 with Rear Demist Modification

    A B7 A/C unit will not work the Rear demist circuit in a B6 and does require a wiring loom modification with a 30A relay to get it to work. I have previously posted this but it was not so great to search for it, so have updated it with extra relay terminal info, which has recently been...
  12. Woorlord

    Heater Vent Icon illumination - How To DIY!

    I have been asked how I retrofitted "Heater Vent Icon illumination" which I did back in August 2008. This is what I did then.......... For easy access I took the glove box out (6 bolts), and cover between the steering wheel and pedals (2 bolts). The Dash illumination uses a +12v variable...
  13. Woorlord

    S-Line rear Bumper Decal - Stick or not to Stick?

    New S-line Saloon rear valance being sprayed up at present and was wondering on members opinions on sticking the Black Decal strip in the bumper recess? On non-black cars this looks distinctive with the twin pipes either side. Would there be any styling advantage sticking it to mine which is...
  14. Woorlord

    New OEM Side Skirts to fit B6/B7 on Offer

    Am a B6 owner residing in the B6 forum, but you guys may be interested in these B7 side skirts? Link Here Anybody interested then please PM me before I offer them on Ebay at the weekend. :racer:
  15. Woorlord

    New OEM Side Skirts to fit B6/B7 on Offer

    Previously purchased these side skirts from a forum member to fit to my B6, but have decided on a different look so these are up for grabs to any forum member at the price I paid, (and the previous owner!). They are new in original box with AUDI installation instructions, already primed and...
  16. Woorlord

    Slimline HID Ballasts -now fitted in Headlight

    Anybody wanting to fit HID's may want to consider the newer Digital Slimline Ballasts that "quattroJames" put me onto in his thread - quattrojames thread The Slimline HID kit used was off Ebay - LINK Before with standard size Ballasts I had..... And now I have everything self-contained...
  17. Woorlord

    Sngle /0----\ to Twin Pipe/0---0\ Conversion??

    Normally trawl the A4-B6 forums but I have been asked by a mate to investigate if possible to replace his 180bhp TT-8N single pipe exhaust with a twin pipe version? Is it a simple case of changing the backbox - and of course the bumper lower spoiler, etc. or does it require a full exhaust...
  18. Woorlord

    Relay for Coolant After-Run (J151)

    Recently purchased VAG-COM - full version & cable to resolve a Convenience module problem. That's all sorted, but I also found an error relating to the engine, "18325 - Relay for Coolant After-=Run (J151): Open Circuit" Here is an extract from the log...