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    B7 Passat Estate

    so this is my ongoing project of sorts which is also my daily .. a 2.0tdi passat estate with the cr140 engine mods; tints all round, including tail lights wiper delete embossed plates 19" audi alloys 40mm vogtland lowering springs egr & dpf delete with remap new stainless exhaust system from...
  2. J

    yet another thermostat problem!

    so .. when i got my 1.9 TDI B7 at the start of the year it wouldnt get up to temperature, so in march (i think) i replaced the thermostat and all was good, it would get up to 90 after 5 / 10 minutes and stay there no matter what .. however, yesterday i was stuck in a carpark for 1 hour and 15...
  3. J

    which ball joint splitter

    well, i need to do my front lower control arms and i know i need a ball joint splitter.. are the cheap £5-£10 crowbar type ones any good? also, would just some normal drive onto ramps be enough room to be able to get under to torque down the bolts down under load? .. ill obviously do the major...
  4. J

    front lower control arms

    are these any good ? eurocarparts have starline ones for a bit cheaper but ive never heard of that brand
  5. J

    suspension bushes

    now im aware all suspension related bushes, should be tightened up with the suspension under load .. I'm replacing my front ARB bushes, but I dont have any ramps, only have axle stands and jacks, would having the car on stands, and jacking up under the wheel (one side at a time) to load the...
  6. J

    bigger breaks upgrade

    so after some research .. im going to go down the route of the cheaper version of a big brake kit; which is .. mk1 TT caliper carriers & 312mm discs my questions are.. I've read my standard calipers are fine to use, is this true? also, the TT carriers im looking at come with calipers .. would...
  7. J

    proper bush name

    whats the proper name for the bush that goes in between at the bottom of the front shock leg , or would a new arm be needed? the one in this photo.. (photos not mine just off google, may not be exactly the same setup, its just to show the one i mean)
  8. J

    cheap code scanner

    after recommendations for cheap code scanners.. can't afford VCDS anytime soon but still want something in the mean time.. cheers
  9. J

    seal conditioner

    the rubber seals around all my windows are quite dry and cracking .. whats the best conditioner to use?
  10. J

    strange noise

    so ive got an intermittent strange noise, comes and goes without warning it started after going over some gravelly path at High Force the other week, but went within half a mile, and didnt return.. until at the weekend when going into the lakes to climb scafell pike, and its been on and off...
  11. J

    boost gauge

    looking for a boost gauge to go on my 1.9 TDI .. nothing too expensive, is there a unit and replacement part that goes on the windscreen pillar?
  12. J

    interior colours .. blue/black?

    Is there an actual blue interior for the a4 b7? (plastics i am referring too) the reason i ask, is because i have the horrible beige one, so im going to start buying over time the nicer black plastics .. however, ive seen a lot advertised as blue? is there an actual difference or is this people...
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    wondering if the back boxes you see on the likes of ebay would work on my 1.9 tdi? now i definitely dont want it to sound like a corsa or saxo with a ridiculous sound people usually fit them for.. do they just boom like that on little petrol engines or will it also be like that on a tdi? only...
  14. J

    Sline boot hatch

    not sure if this has been asked before, but I cant find it with a search .. would the boot lid from an s line saloon, fit the SE saloon? Just asking because I think the oem lip on the sline boot is nicer than getting a boot lip spoiler for the SE, and would prefer to do that if I could
  15. J


    would injectors from an AWX engine (part no; 038 130 073 BA) fit in my A4 B7 1.9 TDI with a BKE engine.. and if they do, is it worth while? pretty sure that the AWX is a PD130 where as mine is 115
  16. J

    hardpipe kit

    i cannt for the life of me find any aftermarket boost pipes or a hardpipe kit for the 1.9 TDI BKE engine in my A4 B7.. can anyone help?
  17. J

    RS4 rear ARB

    do they all fit the A4 B7? particularly my 1.9 TDI.. or is there any specific year/models to look out for?
  18. J

    powerflex snub mount ?

    has anyone got experience with this brand? can get them here in the UK for £26 delivered.. or is there any other brands for similar price / cheaper but still good quality?